Kooba Natasha in Ink

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  1. I am onthe hunt for a Natasha in Ink. I found a Parker in Ink on eBay, but it just looks HUGE and I like the Natasha way better. Has anyone seen these anywhere?? I have looked but can't find anything! :shrugs:

  2. Good luck with that one--I've been looking too and apparently it was a hot hot bag! They are very few and far between :sad: I haven't seen one on eBay forever. Good luck and please share if you get lucky!!!!
  3. Will do! I am on a mission to find one so if I do, I will let you know! I actually really like the Gunmetal too and I've noticed they seem easier to find, so if I can't find the Ink, i may go for that...
  4. Sounds like an excellent alternative. I have seen pictures of the gunmetal and it looks great!! Looks very sharp!!
  5. Butting in a little, but I also love the gunmetal. It is very pretty IRL. Haven't seen the ink before though...
  6. NO!! you are not butting in!! i would love any opinions i can get! :yes:
  7. I have both purses and the Natasha is actually a bigger purse! I didn't realize it until I got the Natasha, but she's big like a pumpkin! The Parker is a longer north/south purse. The Natasha in gunmetal is a pretty rigid leather and keeps its round shape. Both are gorgeous, but I think I like the Natasha better. However, if you are in a conservative profession, the Parker is good and long enough to stick your legal size papers inside.

    There are Gold & Silver Mirror Natashas & a Gold Parker on sale at ShopKitson.com and if you put in the code kitsoncod, you get an additional 15% off.