Kooba Natasha in Ink

  1. Hi - I am new to this forum and am looking to pourchase a Kooba Natasha in Ink. Does anyone have this bag? I am worried that it will be too big. Is the ink color close to a navy - or could I wear it with black clothes as well? Thanks for your help!
  2. hi! i have the kooba natasha in caramel patent leather...it's pretty large when you open it up and lock it on the bottom turnkey locks, but, that makes it great for traveling...it's a great everyday bag and i get a ton of compliments in it...from what i've seen, the ink is a very dark color...and i've seen black with navy a lot...depends on how you feel about it! enjoy her if you get her!
  3. I used to not like this bag and then the more I looked at it, it grew on me. The only thing that held me back from getting it is the size. Knowing me I would add more and more crap to it until it was 30 lbs of purse! But it's such a classy looking bag and I like the Ink colored best I think.
  4. I love this bag but actually have grown to prefer the caramel patent color best on it ... but ink is my second favorite. I think you could pull it off with most every color as it's more of a purplish color than navy from what I have seen.
  5. Thanks for your input. Are pinkmascara or active endeavors or karzimaboutique.com reputable places to purchase this bag? I have purchased clothingn from them but never handbags.
  6. All of those are reputable dealers. I have bought bags from all three. Good luck.

    At Active Endeavors The code sorry25 will get you 25% off. I just used it to get my Botkier last week.
  7. You could probably check it out at a brick and mortar store like NM or Saks before taking the plunge. Or buy it from an online store with a good return policy, just in case. That way you can try it on, pack it up, etc.

    That being said - I have this bag in white patent and LOVE IT!!! Perfect for spring IMO!