Kooba Natasha Convertible

  1. I just got this bag today and I am so excited b/c I have been looking for a black bag to carry my laptop, but could also be an everyday bag for FOREVER. I've been through a bal work, ysl muse and a chanel bowler and none of them worked for work..

    This is the best of both worlds! Two bags in one.. It is patent leather, which makes it a little dressier for work. When I am not carrying my computer, I just tack up the sides and it looks like this, although it isn't as flat this pic makes it look.. it has a nice little bubble shape that makes it more interesting, kind of like a balenciaga shrug:


    BTW: I am 5'9", and this bag may overwhelm anyone under 5'5". I have an athletic build and it is a big bag on me when extended.
  2. This is a beautiful bag! EXACTLY the shape I was looking for!!!! I Love it!!! Good buy!

    Can I ask where from and how much?
  3. Adorable!!
    I looooove Kooba!!
    Is it your first Kooba!! Once I bought my first I was hooked!!
    This new line is much lighter vs. past lines. My 2 are very heavy, may fit a laptop but may break your shoulder blade.
  4. I love the look of this bag and I would have it in a minute if it wasn't for the patent leather. I just don't care for it. I can just imagine that bag in a regular white leather and I'd be all over it (and I hate white bags). I also like the versatility of shape/style you can get from it.
  5. Thanks! I found it at a local boutique, but they carry them at Saks, neiman's and probably Nordies... It retails for $625.

    I'm carrying it today and I love the way both handles lay flat on your shoulder and don't slide off b/c they are wide.
  6. Nope, not my first... I have the suede Sienna bag and yes :yes: this bag is far and away lighter than my Sienna bag!
  7. I hear ya... I was hesitant at first b/c I am not a patent person (actually, I don't like anything shiny!) but it makes a black bag more exciting to me and the silver hardware looks great with the patent.

    I didn't see the white b/c they sold out.
  8. I'm glad that you found a bag that works so well for you. Although I have 4 Kooba bags, unfortunately this one would not work for me. You're right when you say that it would be too large for this small framed gal. I sent a Kooba Paige back to Saks last week for just that reason. It's wonderful that Natasha fits the bill for all you need. Enjoy!
  9. I like the convertibility of this bag, and it looks really nice from the side when in smaller mode. I'm glad you're so happy with your purchase. :smile:

    There is a white one available on eluxury, by the way.
  10. Love it! Congrats!
  11. Hey Tabbyco, tell me about the inside of this bag. Or could you take a pic? Any compartments/pockets? I probably wouldn't consider this bag as a purse but maybe as a tote.

    I just recieved my Kooba Sydney yesterday. I love it! It's a big bag but light weight and has 8 outer pockets (a pocket within a pocket). I kept looking at it and it grew on me. Maybe the Natasha will do this too.
  12. ^^ I just saw your post on the Sydney and it is cute too!

    The inside has 2 open pockets for pda/cell and one zipper pocket. This is a great tote! It is SUPER light.

    I was just thinking about what a great bag this is for travel, you know load it up with trashy magazines for the flight and toss 'em when your done and fold your bag up....
  13. This is gorgeous! I am so shocked that Kooba makes anything light weight after having my Kooba Mia and Paige bags (I love both of them but they are heavy before you put a single thing in them). Peggy