Kooba Name Log

  1. I created a folder and have been saving all pics of Kooba bags I could find and naming them so I could have a log of what names goes with what bags. Most Pics are from websites but a few are personal or "borrowed" from eBay if I couldn't find them elsewhere. I have 66 bags so far. I only show the bag in one color because keeping track of all the colors would be monumental. If anyone wants a zip file of my folder I would send it to you if you PM me your email addy. Here's a screen shot of my folder.
    This is a work in process and I'm sure there are bags I have missed. You can always save them to your own folder and add on pics as they come out with new bags.

  2. Wow! Great work, Lexie!!!

    PM'ing you...
  3. Wow Lex, You are so devoted. haha. I'm going to add to that collection, this is the purple python clutch i have.

  4. E-mailed you, love it!
  5. Love this! :yahoo:
  6. WOW, thank you! I'm adding this now so anyone who PM'ed me already, save this pic to your folder too.
  7. Tonight's study hall, thanks Lexie!
  8. Great idea, only discovered Kooba last year and there are lots of older styles I haven't even seen yet, maybe we can all help you add pictures of the different colours.