KOOBA Moving Sale!!

  1. Okay, a friend of a friend just sent me the invite for a "Private" Kooba Moving Sale. Only for friends and family but I think any ladies who love Kooba are friends and family too...so...I'm posting it up for all you Kooba Loving Girls to check out!

    So this is the actual email:

    Dear All,

    There will be a Kooba Friends & Family Moving Sale next week. It will start on Wednesday, June 20th to Friday, June 22nd. There will be lots of good deals. Please see the attachment. Pass this along to your friends and family and remind everyone that they must bring the attached print-out to be admitted.

    141 W. 36th Street
    4th Floor
    Between 7th Avenue and Broadway

    Wednesday, June 20th
    11 am – 2 pm
    3 pm – 8 pm
    Thursday, June 21st
    11 am – 2 pm
    3 pm – 8 pm
    Friday, June 22nd
    11 am – 3 pm

    Thank You!
  2. Here is the attachment. I can't wait!

    kooba moving sample sale  june 2007 (2).jpg

  3. Oh God, I think I have to dump my boyfriend and find an American guy to marry me because I'm tired of missing out on all these amazing sample sales. :roflmfao:
  4. OMG..I live in NY..Gonna try to make it there!!
  5. Oh my GOD I wish I still lived in New York!!! :crybaby:

    What a doll you are to share this on the Kooba forum!
  6. It's just not FAIR! You City Kids get ALL the fun! :nogood::p
  7. On a positive note for those of us who can't get to New York... maybe this will mean a few more bargains for us girls on eBay. The seller (who goes to the moving sale) can make a few dollars from selling a few (very welcome) authentic bags on eBay and the buyer can buy at a better price than from Kooba. Seems like it could be a win win situation.
  8. Wow cool! thanks for the info!
  9. Absolutely! Can't wait to see what (hopefully) starts popping up.

    I would, however, *love* to be able to experience at least one Kooba sample sale - all those Koobas in one place at one time! :heart::heart::heart::heart:
  10. I know how you feel!! I have to work but will try to get the day off one of those days to go!!
  11. Oh, how I wish I could go! But, like Mini said, that may mean some lovely bags up on e-bay! So: go, buy, buy, buy . . . then: sell, sell, sell on e-bay to the rest of us!!

  12. Wow, thanks so much for posting this. This is my first time ever in the Kooba forum and my sister will be very pleased because she wants a bag. Yeah.
  13. wow i so shouldnt go!!! but i soo want to hehe :smile:

    I def cant go the 1st day so hopefully one of you does and can share how it was and if its worth going on thurs!

    thanks SOOSOSOS much for sharing~~!!!
  14. Oh man! This is NOT FAIR! I just got back from NYC four days ago... :rant:

    I wish nothing but beautiful Koobas for those of you who get to go there though! Have fun!!!
  15. ohh steph how was your trip!!!!! :smile: did u and hubby have fun!? did u see everything you wanted? shopping!?!?!?! :smile: do tell