Kooba Mimi Satchel - Need your input!

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    Photo from Shopbop....
    Okay gang....just bought this purse (NM Last Call) for a great price, but am on the fence. I wanted a med sized "casual" going out bag (I've got plenty of the dressy stuff) that could hold more than a clutch and was NOT just hand held. I like the "dressed down" quality of the bag w/the brass ring and overall design, etc.
    I was thinking wristlet, but honestly, do they really work at a cocktail party when you're drinking and eating at the same time? (I suppose it depends on how long the strap is??).
    And most wristlets are pretty narrow, I need to carry my reading glasses, etc.

    Anyone have this bag? Does it "scratch" fragile clothing? Does the metallic sheen wear off?

    Anyone have a recommendation on a bag?
    Thanks ALL!

  2. that looks cute to me I love Kooba and it's not too big