Kooba Micki

  1. I've seen pictures of the Kooba Micki that got me excited about this bag, but then I saw the pics on Revolve Clothing's website today and all I can say is... oh dear, it's not as nice as I hoped it would be! :yucky: Perhaps it's just the way it's photographed, but it looks so tall and skinny. Hardly a bag for a lil 5'2" person like me!
    KoobaMicki1.jpg KoobaMicki2.jpg KoobaMicki3.jpg
  2. I don't care for that bag overall. The side dimensions are crazy though- really tall and skinny. It almost looks like a house from the side and the thing on top a roof!
  3. I agree Mini. It doesn't look as nice in those pics. In another thread, someone described it as looking like one of those flotation devices that you wear while boating!
  4. Not digging this one at allllll.....for some reason, the shape is just so akward...If they had made the dimensions more east/west, then maybe it would look a little better.
  5. Sorry Mini but that is one UGLY bag...LOL Yes, it looks like some kind of flotation device or overalls or a Big Bib...none of which appeals to me on a bag. But if you liked it...then I guess Kooba got something right. Maybe it's a matter of looking at it over and over and developing a taste for it.
    When I first saw the Botkier Carlton Hobo I thought it was the weirdest bag I'd ever seen. And lo and behold, the more I looked at it, I ended up loving it. Seems like this squared off flap thing is in a few of Koobas New bags. Arum, and The Hannah Clutch and another one.
  6. Flotation device... :lol: that is so true. Initial pictures had me quite excited about this bag, but these pics just sadden me. Hopefully it's just the way the bag has been photographed, but there again, I think I'm trying to kid myself, it just doesn't look right, too tall and skinny for a shortie like me

    Lexie, I agree with you after seeing these pictures, it does look UGLY, infact it's FUGLY! I'm so glad I haven't ordered one. I can't get the flotation device description out of my mind now.

    Sorry Kooba, but Botkier here I come...
  7. You actually had me worried for a while, Min, when you said you loved the Micki..

    I think it's an awkward looking, strange shape with no appeal whatsoever..like they've just been trying to come up with new ideas for dimensions of bags, you know, stretching the imagination a bit and just failed miserably..:shrugs:
  8. This looked massive on the Kooba site and was the one I was kind of waiting for. I think its awfully thin.....Honesty bring back the heavy duty bags, with whip stitching, pebbled leather, yummy, even my Eden rocks. I dont do metallic disco, but that bag is nice.:graucho:
  9. What is the Eden like and how big is in comparison to other Koobas? The leather looks heavier but I haven't seen one IRL-I like the way the Aram looks too.
  10. I keep thinking about the Eden also but I will have to wait until the season is long gone and try to get one at Neiman Marcus last call store. I just can't bring myself to spend $400 on eBay without even seeing it IRL.
  11. It does look like a flotation device. That is so funny.
  12. Minimouse.....funny thing about that purse. I was at Saks yesterday, and as I was wiping the drool marks off the violet Lola that I was fondling, my eye caught this very bag, and the first thing I thought of was that I was face to face with Darth Vader. I would never carry that bag unless the force was with me!
  13. I'm afraid I deserted Kooba for my black bag. Ended up with a Givenchy instead. I know, I know, I'm a traitor! It was the Micki that sent me running in the opposite direction :yucky:
  14. It looks like it should have pull tabs on the side to inflate for sure. How ugly.

    I did notice that the Kooba website has a new front page that has the new some of the new spring bags. You can only se half of them though. Not listed to look at in full yet.