Kooba Meredith or Botkier Bianca?

  1. :confused1:I brought home the Kooba Meredith in blonde color tonight and the Botker Bianca in pearlized cognac. I really want a Bianca and I like this color but I'm thinking the strap is not very comfortable over my shoulder. It was only discounted $25 plus another $30 in gift cards (Bloomingdales private sale). The Kooba was on clearance....got her for approx $225 and strap goes over shoulder much better....plus it has the longer strap if you want to use cross-body. I'm thinking for the price of the Botkier I should be more certain. Probably should wait and try to get a large Bianca. Color I want is hard to find though. But I guess I should take back the medium Bianca, enjoy the Kooba (even if it's not my dream bag it doesn't have to be for this price) and maybe the large Bianca will come along later.

    The Botkier goes better with my coloring (I have auburn hair) but if it's not going to be comfortable....

    take her back?
    keep Kooba?

  2. As far as looks go, I like the Bianca better. But if it's not comfortable, you're not going to wear it no matter how much of a dream bag it is.
  3. I like the look of the bianca more than I do the meredith but if you are not comfortable with it, don't keep it. Enjoy the kooba!
  4. I'm not a fan of either (sorry!). I've found that if a bag is uncomfortable, I tend to never use them, and it's a waste of money no matter how great of a sale I got it for.
  5. I prefer the Bianca to the Meredith :tup:
  6. the Botkier is just so much better looking. I feel like Botkiers blow away Koobas in style and sophistication.
  7. Thanks ladies...I'm pretty sure I need to return the Bianca. The strap is kind of OK on my shoulder without a jacket but with a jacket it's pretty tight. I think I really wanted a large Bianca and tried to make this work because it was a nice color and I could get a discount (not a big one) on it. The large Biancas are pretty hard to find IRL and I'm reluctant to order online unless I'm absolutely sure of what I'm getting. Botkier is re-releasing a toffee color which looks like a medium to dark brown (lighter than the current chocolate) which I think I'd like. But it's full price ($700) and I don't believe I've seen the color IRL.
    As far as the Kooba, I had been interested in the Meredith as a spring/summer bag and then when I saw it on clearance, thought I'd grab it. I need to decide whether to keep it pretty soon as the gift cards they gave which provide additional savings are only good for a week or so and they want them back if you return the bag. Seems like most of you don't like her but there have been a couple of people on the Forum who have reported they have this bag and love it.
    Thanks for the help.
    If anyone has seen toffee Bianca, please tell me how it looks.
  8. I like the Botkier...i love the extra pockets.
  9. I have 2 Botkier Biancas. In grey and metallic. i absolutely love them because they are great smaller-sized bags. I've felt the Kooba Meredith and don't love the leather, so I would go with the Botkier.

    However, since the strap is an issue for you, definitely look into the larger Bianca. It is gorgeous and the straps are really comfortable. I know you have reservations ordering online, but the Botkier website has a lot of great stuff on it, and at least you know you can trust them!
  10. I ordered the medium bianca (grey) from activeendeavors and found the handbag to small and the straps to short. I decided that it would be a waste of my money to keep the bag so I returned it Luckily, I found the same bag at shoprapunzels in the large size and was able to apply a 25% coupon. The larger size Botkier Bianca was perfect and i love the leather. Shoprapunzels.com does have the pearlized cognac in stock; take a look. BUT take into consideration that this seller does not accept returns on handbags! Good Luck.
  11. keep the kooba!
  12. from what i understand the strap drop on the med and large bianca is about the same so if the med. doesnt fit over your shoulder i dont think the large will either :sad:

    I have 2 biancas and a meredith i love them both the meredith is more of an every day for me the bianca is amazing though ugh im no help! :smile:
  13. I like the Meredith better. I like Botkier bags but not the ones with the large pockets on the front. I think the Meredith looks much better in person than in photos. I vote for the Meredith! I'm still waiting to find one on sale that isn't discolored!
  14. that's right
  15. I like the look of the bianca more!