Kooba Meredith/Nina Question

  1. i think it's the Nina? How Heavy is it? I like the MJ stams but they told me it's too heavy for me. I am more a Bal girl but Nina is looking so tempting as I like th look of that edgy chain on smooth leather!
  2. I could never get the link to open before today. That is a Nina. It does look like a small Meredith and it is sort of. They just don't know it's name obviously.

    The Chain is a chunky heavy Chain. The Bag itself is lightweight but the Chain really adds the heft. But you can take it off.
  3. I was hoping that there was a "small Meredith" b/c the Nina seem too small and the Meredith seem too big for me, so an in-between would've been nice :smile:

    Oh forgot to say thanks for clarifying!