Kooba Meredith is Slate on ebay

  1. can't beleive noone bought it yet. Beautiful color. My credit card it itching but I just got Elisha and Carla. Need to stop myself.
  2. I saw that in eBay, great price too. Someone will nab that soon, I bet.
  3. here is a picture of Meredith in brown color

  4. Just saw it on eBay....
    Love it!
  5. It certainly is a beauty and f(rom what I've heard) it's a reputable seller, too.
  6. Oh is that gorgeous or what???!!! I am totally not into that big front flap but WOW, what a beauty!
  7. Lexie, don't tempt me! I can't justify 3 Koobas for 2 weeks.
  8. wow - what a beauty!
  9. Oh, I just got the Nina in Slate (the little sister). Just imagine this gorgeous Color on a Bigger bag! It is a beauty but I have my Charlie and that's a Big bag too. I don't need another.
  10. Oh wow, I really like that style. I wonder if the leather is still soft and squishy or is more structured like a Mulberry leather.
  11. It's inbetween. It's not Balenciaga leather but it's not stiff like Mulberry. It's soft and pliable but holds it's shape.