Kooba me sad.

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  1. I bought a blonde elisha last week and I am loving her. But today as I was leaving work i notice that there are a few blue pen marks on the bottom of the bag. My heart just sank. I don't know how or when I did this. Does anyone know if you can remove or lighten pen marks like this? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks:sad:
  2. Inside your bag or on the outside? If outside, did you treat the bag yet? I believe there are some leather cleaners from Lovin' My Bags that may help if it is exterior. If it is treated, I've been able to remove ink from brown Kooba leather by gently rubbing w/ a warm damp cloth and then using some leather lotion. It was not the blonde leather though.
  3. It was the outside :sad: And I had not used any leather care products on the bag yet. If it was the inside I would not be as bummed. I guess that will teach me to use protective products, huh?
  4. So so sorry..I hope it comes out.
  5. I have tried rubbing hairspray on one of my light-coloured bags to get pen out and it kind of worked-at least it didn't make it worse!
    I think I got this tip from Lexie...
    Maybe try taking it to a shoe repair they deal with leather all the time.
  6. ^ Yeah, hairspray might work. I've done that w/ some clothes too. Spray a bit, blot, spray, blot. How noticeable are the marks? Sometimes the hairspray thing can backfire though, at least on some clothes it has. I'd test inside first.
  7. i wouldnt advise using hairspray, its full of alcohol which can damage the leather. i would suggest leather repair first, but if you want an at home remedy, many have said a white art eraser (less than a dollar) can work on some occasions
  8. Try some cream (comes either in a tube or a little jar) made by Meltonian (get it in neutral). Test it first on the inside leather - it will initially look like it's making the leather a bit darker, but it will lighten back to the original color. Just take a tiny bit with a soft cloth and apply it to the pen mark - rub it very lightly and you should see the ink coming up onto the cloth. I sold designer shoes and bags for many years, and we couldn't live without this. You can get it at a good shoe repair. It will be a great cream to have with the Blonde Elisha. Good Luck!!
  9. I totally would suggest hairspray for the "lining" of a bag. It's worked great for me. But not the leather. Unless it is a bag you don't care much about or the spot is in an unnoticable place. Alcohol isn't good for a bag. If it's a large ink stain, I would use Lovinmybags. When you say bottom of the bag do you mean the inside lining or bottom of the outside leather? If it's lining, pull that lining out, spray it thoroughly with hairspray and then lightly handwash it and dry with a blowdryer.
  10. I used the hairspray on the outside of my bag-oops! It didn't stain though-it just dries a bit lighter.