Kooba Maya...Older but new to me.

  1. I was checking the websites when I get up... as usual. What is unusual is the Kooba Maya on sale at Kooba.com. for $458.50. It's a large tote, smooth black leather and I kinda like it. If I had the funds, maybe....since it is unlikely to be easily found again. What do you think? Is anyone interested in this bag?
  2. Yes! That one is lovely, and was not easy to find when it was new. I love it, if you are on the fence, go ahead and grab it!
  3. Wow, Kooba must be cleaning out their warehouse and selling the old now too! I like this bag.
  4. Oooh! I like it! I love the outside pockets...
  5. Yea, it must have been the same season as the Kendall. I'm nt thrilled with this one as much as the Kendall but if you like it, I'd go for it cause this is the first I've seen one in over a year.
  6. I really like it! But not for the price... too high for an old style bag.
  7. No, it is not on the top of my list...not since I have seen the Gustto Torlia and can't seem to get it off of my mind all day.
  8. Think Kooba should shave off a bit more of the price when they put these bags up for sale, bag is ok, but agree with Lexie, bit much for an old style...
  9. Very nice... I like it :yes: