Kooba Maria

  1. The Maria is still available on Kooba site in Camel suede and Brown Metallic for 485.00.
    So I think Mini should get one of these AND the Terraine Ginger.

  2. OMG Lexie, my hubby would freak if I did that.

    Unfortunately suede doesn't do too well out here in Saudi, because of all the dust, so best avoided until we head back to the States for good. Love the look of the metallic, but unfortunately wouldn't match my wardrobe. You have, however, made me realize that the Maria is the right bag for me - but typical that they're rare! It's about time Kooba brought them back again.
  3. Wow Lexie, the metallic does look gorgeous (thanks for taking the time to find it). If I didn't have a java Jessie and a java Paige and a dark brown Francesca Biasia, then I'd go for the metallic brown Maria, but I fear I am totally browned out and need to expand my brown collection to include another color. How frustrating, I should have got all my other bags in another color and then I could have grabbed the metallic brown Maria. Grrrr.... I'm can't buy another brown bag, I can't buy another brown bag. I mustn't buy another brown bag!
  4. Gosh, tread carefully with this one, but this looks like terraine, not "tobacco"...And the pics are taking FOREVER to load...and the seller is pretty new. And doesn't seem to have a clue & is dropping all kinds of Kooba code names...

    But if this is the bag you're looking for, it's worth waiting for the pics to load & maybe asking more ???

  5. Oh my Rosenpetals :wtf:, thanks for the link - it looks good. Maybe others can add their input. Shame the seller doesn't ship Internationally, but I'm sure I could get a friend to take delivery and bring it out here to Saudi in August (although unfortunately she's not a Kooba inspection expert so I'd be taking a bit of a risk). Wow, I can't believe this popped up on eBay so quick. I have sent a few questions to the seller. Fingers crossed it's a good one and I can get the opportunity to own it. I'm hoping she might have a BIN price, but of course I'd like some expert opinions before I commit to bidding. The seller is also listing a Nicole and a Marcelle, which look good too.
  6. For sure, get some second opinions, I can't even get the pics to load completely, so can't get a good feel for authenticity, but others will be able to authenticate. (when they wake up!!)

    You've got plenty of time to make a decision, there's no BIN abailable for newbie sellers.
  7. I can't commit to this bag. That is NOT terraine and as far as I know there was no Tobacco color in the Fall 2006. The leather is nothing like the Terraine and while it doesn't look awful, there is something off about this bag. No Tags? I know they made the Maria in Black, Terraine, Metallic Brown, Camel suede, and chocolate suede. I don't recall any Kooba color called Tobacco nor do I remember a leather that looks like it belongs on a Chestnut Ginger. I'd have to ask a slew of questions. Where did she get it exactly? A better side zipper view pic? Is there tags and how does she know the name is tobacco? FRankly the 7 feedback scare the hell outta me. She's either new (and that means trouble if you are in a dispute) or she was kicked off and this is her new ID.
    Does anyone else recall seeing a Maria in this color and in this leather???? That is what scares me.
    Here is what Terraine looks like...


    You know what this looks like? A Terraine with a Vasoline treatment!! My Terraine is not shiny and as wrinkly as this one.
  8. Lexie, you mean it could have had the Halzer vasoline treatment? I'll ask a few questions and see what I get back. It looks pretty nice, but definitely not keen if it's not authentic. It's got to be the real deal for me.

  9. I wrote her and asked her where she got it. I also asked if there were tags. I told her that we wondered if it was a sample sale bag or an early protoype since last Fall didn't make a Maria in Tobacco.

    She must be a newbie. She wrote in one of her auctions that if you use paypal you must add 3% for the fees. That is illegal and if someone reported it, the auction would be closed. You are not allowed to ask for fees for credit cards on eBay or paypal. For awhile last summer they shut down a ton of auctions for this.
  10. Thanks Lexie, you are a gem. I've been scrutinizing the photos and comparing them to pics of real Marias. If it's not authentic, then it's a good copy. I do love the color and would definitely go for it if it was a genuine Kooba. Sizewise it's perfect for me.
  11. I saw this auction too and wondered.

    My gut says it is authentic only because the detailed woven strap is perfectly executed and the leather looks excellant.

    I bet this was a prototype of a darker color that never went into production....or.....it was treated with some kind of leather conditioner that darkened it.

    Yes, I would ask alot of questions. After you feel satisfied an offer to BIN for $285 might make that baby yours.
  12. Ladysalesrep, I too feel it's better than a fake, but I'm no expert, hence I'm glad to be getting such good feedback and help from my pals here, especially since you have Maria bags yourselves, so you would probably spot the 'off' bits on a fake. I'm certainly interested in it and will see what response Lexie and I get from our messages. Hopefully it's a genuine Kooba prototype and worth going for. It would be nice to be offered a BIN price if the bag checks out okay.
  13. I'm wondering, if everything works out and this bag is an authentic Kooba prototype and worth buying, how can a newbie seller sell it to me as 'Buy It Now' if as Rosenpetals says, newbies can't offer BIN? I'm wondering how to best protect myself if I am given the chance to buy it. If it's authentic, I'd really like it.

    I suppose I shouldn't put the cart before the horse, it's best to decide on it's authenticity first, but I have a good feeling about this bag. I know, I need to calm down and take it slow!
  14. Here is her response. It must be the real thing. She seems quite helpful and not elusive at all. It must be a prototype. Now Mini...see what you can do.

    Hi, I understand your concern regarding whether or not this purse is authentic, mainly because this bag was never officially released by Kooba in this colourway. I guarantee that it is genuine, manufactured by Kooba, a prototype made in 2005 for their Fall 2006 line. The colour is indeed Tobacco, considering the controversy and doubts of others. I have been a long time Kooba collector, and I am not new to eBay. I have MANY more pictures, as detailed as you want, I can send you via e-mail if you like, I am only limited to post so many because it does take long for the pictures to load as is. There were no tags on this prototype but I can guarantee it is authentic and you will have no complaints, as far as the condition I have never worn it, not even once. It is in mint condition, and if it isn?t, I will also give you a refund. Thank you, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

    She says she isn't new it ebay so this must be a new addy. That is my concern now. I'd write her Mini.