Kooba Maria in Terraine

  1. Oops, I listed this in the 'authenticate' section, believing it's a good 'un, but hoping for back-up confirmation (seeing as I'm no expert, just a Kooba hoarder!!!).

    Rosenpetals, I couldn't agree more. If I hadn't got my tobacco Maria last week (thanks to you spotting it on eBay :tup:), I would have been straight onto this one. It's a small bag (holding just the basic essentials), but I absolutely adore it. In fact, I've got it here at work with me. I can't bring myself to leave it at home, so unfortunately my other bags are being neglected!

    This bag is going to make someone very happy indeed.
  2. It looks like a good un, Mini! And I have this in terraine, and just love it...it was one bag I found hard to put away too. I wore it for around 5 months straight & she's now taking a brief respite till I need her again!

    Def. one of my alltime faves.
    Don't get that seller not liking the color, but that's a good thing for anyone who's been wanting it.
  3. I tell you, if I saw a really well priced one in black or dark brown, I would find it hard to restrain myself. That's how much I love my Maria.