Kooba Maria in chocolate suede....

  1. My friends sister that is a handbag wh*re has a Kooba Maria in chocolate suede up for sale. She wants $250 for it and its brand new. I'm iffy since I'm in the middle of paying off my MJ bag (Susanah in lack leather) from her as well.

    Its a gorgeous bag, but I'm worried about it being suede and my silly self ruining it, and also it being kind of just for fall. Any thoughts, especially from you Kooba addicts?

  2. The Maria is a fabulous bag, and I think $250 is a very fair price since it's new. You can spray the suede with Wilsons to protect it too. As far as it only being a 'fall' bag, IMO you could carry that baby year-round!
  3. Mmmmm, gorgeous bag. It sounds like a great deal for a brand new suede Maria and the chocolate color would be fabulous for the Fall. Mind you, I'd say chocolate works year round, matching many outfits. I agree with Huskylover, protect it with Wilsons and it will provide good protection. A great looking bag.
  4. I'd not wear it until I coated it with Wilson's 3 times. That's what I did to my Suede Devin. And the good thing is a light suede might show markings more but this color is going to hide any flaw you might put on it. Get a Suede brush too and give it a once over (gently) every once in awhile to revive it. I just would try to not carry it in rain. Tuck a plastic bag in the inner pocket and if you do get caught you can cover it quickly. The price is great!
  5. I've never used a suede brush before. The things Kooba is driving me to . . .

    Is something like one of these what you are talking about?



  6. The Coach one is perfect because it's so small. I don't know about these other two. They look big but I have the Coach one myself.