Kooba Marcelle - dirty, ink marks but...

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  1. Just spotted this Kooba Marcelle on eBay

    Under the description it states:

    " Description Condition: Light dirt marks on back of purse, small black ink mark on front by closure, light surface scratches on front and back (see pictures), has two leather strap tightening exterior side pockets, interior is light dirty with light black pen marks (see pictures), has one interior zipper pocket and two interior slide pockets, has a magnetic closure and two hand/shoulder straps with one strap broken (see picture). Like new! "

    After reading all that I'm kind of bemused by the last two words.... LIKE NEW! :confused1:
  2. ITA, Mini! Sellers seem shady when they don't give it to you straight.

    You wouldn't describe a car as LIKE NEW if it has paint chips, small dents, stains on the interior, and a few broken knobs... Why do people think it's okay to describe bags that way? Hmm...
  3. I discard my old "like new" bags even before they get in that condition! What a hoot!
  4. Unreal - maybe she forgot to take the 'like new' out of the description from a previous listing?!!!
    Not real impressed with this seller though, I've looked at other bags she's had listed in the past and they all seem to have major flaws or stains. She has a bunch of koobas up now too, makes you wonder where she gets them all?
  5. I have to agree, this seller has listed some rather 'soiled' products. I like to know that any bag I get has been pre-loved rather than abused. I guess she's being honest with this listing though (apart from the last two words!), but she won't make it on my favorites list.
  6. Like new, my foot.

    Don't discount abused bags though, sometimes, only sometimes, is it worth it.

    I bought an abused, flat as a pancake Kooba Jessie in raisin on Ebay for $150, I was the only bidder.

    That was one sad looking bag when I got it but with an hour of cleaning and conditioning then tightly stuffing the bag overnight....it was great!
  7. ^^^
    I love that! Taking a sorry looking, abused Kooba, clean it up, give it some love and attention and it will respond by coming back to life and be a great bag again:smile:
  8. ladyrep......there is hope!!!! Says a lot for the Kooba leather, yes???
  9. Ladysalesrep, good to hear that someone has taken in a used and abused Kooba and brought it back to life again. What a wonderfully charitable act. Perhaps I can go on a "Kooba Rescue" mission and pick up every Kooba that's had the unfortunate 'abuse' of a scratch or two :graucho:. I'm not sure my husband would understand though!