kooba made in china?

  1. i just received a purse from revolveclothing and it wasn't the right color. it looks a litlte "off", too. is kooba made in china? cause there's atag in there that says "MADE IN CHINA" :confused1:
  2. chances are, kooba bags are made in china. Hayden-harnett bags are made in china as well...

    Lots of similar brands are as well
  3. Burberry is made in China too along with some Prada styles - which totally shocked me.
    My neighbor owns the Cannon Camera factory there and told us about how many products are made there.
  4. My Mulberry Rosemary says Made in CHina too.
  5. Yes, Koobas and most everything we have...LOL...is made in China. What color did you get again? No worry about Revolve. They can be trusted to sell Authentic bags.
  6. Yes they are and that's why I never would by a Kooba for the full price. I have a Sienna which I bought on sale but 600$ for a bag made in China, no way! Burberry and Prada is on my personal black list as well.
  7. Maybe your collection will switch to Lv and Chanel.:biggrin:
    There not made in china.

    I'm not sure where my Jimmy Choo bags are made...
    Does anyone know?
  8. Thank you all for the response. OK girls so let me tell you what happened:

    I made a post earlier this week about purchasing my first Kooba. I was so excited, cause I have heard absolutely fabulous reviews about Kooba, and with my 30% off at revolve, I decided to take the plunge and buy my first designer bag (everything else before that was paid for by mommy/daddy dearest).

    Revolve sent the purse to me through priority shipping, and I waited at home all day today to get it. When I heard my doorbell rang, I flew down the stairs to answer the door, and when I spotted the box just outside my front door, I reached down and embraced it to me. I started ripping the box open halfway up the stairs.

    When I got to my room, I started unpackaging the plastic bags that covered the purse. When I got to the dust bag, I found it a little odd that it was simply a white, plain bag that covered the purse. But I definitely wasn't going to let just a dustbag give me a bad impression of the purse. I quickly reached inside, and pulled out...

    a plain, black purse with the "braid" coming off and not resembling the kooba that i had purchased.

    a little confused, i looked more closely at the bag, and thought to myself that i perhaps had just interpreted the color incorrectly, and looked for the metallic brown pictures again on the web. but i had to admit it: the black and the metallic brown were way, WAY off.

    i called revolve and told them that they sent me the wrong bag, and the very sweet girl apologized and said that she would send me another one through express. it wasn't until i hung up that i realized that i wasn't even sure if this purse was a kooba.

    i looked inside the bag, and there was this very plain, white tag (smudged with something brown) that said "MADE IN CHINA". it looked like one of those tags that are on those plush dolls that you can get at supermarkets. i looked on the kooba website and noticed that on one of the side pockets, there should have been the "kooba" label. i looked on the purse in my hands, and there was none.

    i became very confused, and called revolve again. i asked, "is revolve made in china?" and the girl put me on hold while she asked someone. she came back and then said "no, it's not," and then i described to her the purse in my hands. she didn't say anything for a few minutes, and then i asked, "is this a replica?" and she said "well, no, i don't know, i mean, we order straight from the manufacturer so i really don't know, you might just have gotten something else." i thanked the girl for her time and then quickly packaged the bag and sent it on its way back to revolve.

    i went onto revolveclothing.com and didn't find a picture that matched the purse that i had received today. i'm a little confused as to what had happened -- i'm sure it's an honest mistake, and i have no doubts that revolve will send me the right purse and make sure that everything is okay, but i was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

    revolve does sell authentic items, right? because the bag really did look like it was purchased from one of those booths that sell knockoff items.
  9. Can I ask why 'Made in China' has such a strong effect on some of you girls that you decide to boycott those brands? Personally I do not agree that 'Made in China' determines 'low quality'. Actually from my own experience many things that were made in China have very good quality and are manufactured nicely (I won't say ALL are good, but I won't say that for other manufaturing countries either - what I know is that those things that were made elsewhere, where the labor is more expensive, are still not guaranteed high quality). Is it mainly the lower labor cost that makes you uncomfortable? Is it like, you feel the brands make too much profit if they make their products in China and mark them high? Or, is it because you suspect that the labor there is ALL, or LARGELY, from blood factories? If so, is there enough statistics that can prove that ALL or MOST of the factories in China are using blood labor? I believe such factories exist; but it's unfair to assume that since one example exists all the things must be the same, right?

    I do not mean offense to anyone. It's a question I've had for some time, which makes me wonder every time I see people show a strong anti-'Made in China' reaction. I know many fakes are made in China, but for legit designer products that are declared to be 'Made in China', I don't think they fall into the 'fake maker' category.
  10. I don't have a problem with purses made in China. My first bag was a Coach purse, and it said very clearly on the label that it was "Made in China." I still love it and still have it to this day.

    But because it has an actual brand, I feel slightly better because if it were discovered that Coach was actually operating out of horrendous factories under repulsive conditions, there would be an enormous scandal. Many people might, understandably so, boycott Coach and tarnish the brand's name. And because of that, I feel that some of the bigger brands would probably try to avoid factories that might condone those sort of conditions, just to make sure that they will not become involved in a potential mess.

    My main concern was not with the fact that it [the purse I received today] was made in China. It was with the fact that it had no brand, and thus, along with the "MADE IN CHINA" tag, heightened my uncertainty regarding the brand/origin of the purse.

    I definitely agree when you say that although there are many fakes being made in China, there is definitely a difference between legit designers operating factories in China and other individuals running factories for the sole purpose of creating fake purses. I know that many people will agree that Coach has some very nice quality of materials (that leather lasts forever! :smile: ) and are not against legit purses that are crafted and put together in China.
  11. I wish you would have taken some pics of that purse. We could have told you if it was at least a Kooba. Did it have Kooba written on the inner zipper pull? Did it have a plaque on the outer side that says Kooba (tho some Koobas may not). Was in inside a soft suede type cloth that was loose fitting? Did the inner zipper pull widen at the end?
    I can't imagine someone returning a fake bag to Revolve and the re-selling it tho anything can happen these days. Was the bag metallic at all? And did it have a Brown Kooba tag hanging from the strap attached with brown string detailing what exactly it was you bought? So sorry for allthe questions. It perplexes me and I can imagine your letdown after waiting for your first Kooba.

    Revolve doesn't actually make anything in China or elsewhere. They are just a distributing company. They buy from Kooba. I'd have to check to be 100% positive but all of my 12 Koobas were made in China I believe. And the inside tag was no big deal, just says made in China.

    I'm sure Revolve will get you your metallic Brown Kooba. I gotta ask tho...have you seen Koobas in real life and held or inspected them. The colors on web pages can be off many times but the bag should have felt like a substantial bag with thick nice leather with that lovely smell.
  12. Is it mainly the lower labor cost that makes you uncomfortable? Is it like, you feel the brands make too much profit if they make their products in China and mark them high?

    This is exactly what puts me off that they manufacture for pennies and sell for 100 or even 1000.
    I'm aware that the profit on all designer bags are really high but to flush it in my face that I overpaid for the bag gives me the feeling that I'm ripped off.
    I agree that the quality doesn't have to be bad just because it was made in China, actually Kooba bags are made pretty well but fo the manufacturing cost they have to charge more than 600$ is way to much IMO and therefor I just buy them on sale and especially at revolve chances are good to pay half price for it so I wait for the sales.
    When Kobba started a couple of years ago their bags were made in Italy and they were half price. But with Kooba becoming a well known brand they switch production to China and increased their prices to almost double like they used to be.
    And there I feel ripped off, paying half price on sale feels more comfortable to me and more of the actual value of the bag.
    But that's just my personal opinion.:smile:
  13. Well i'm almost sure alot of stuff is made in China even the stuff that say made in US or France, they can put the Made in France as long as they did something in France like let's say they stich the zippers in France , but all the rest is made in China they can still say it was made in France, so we may not be aware that alot of stuff is really made in China. Not that they would admit it when you just purchased a very expensive item.
  14. Revolve clothing has always been a reputable site. I have definitely seen the "made in China" tag in authentic Kooba bags. But the bag you received sounds rather odd. Hopefully the replacement will be the right one.
  15. Hello everyone! I am a serious Kooba affectionado and have always purchased my Kooba bags from reputable sites, reputable department stores, etc. and one thing that I have noticed on AUTHENTIC Kooba bags that on the inside of the bottom of the bag is a very very small label sewn into the seam that DOES say "made in china". HOWEVER, it is NOT white - and cheap. It's made with a nice high-quality material. My Kooba Renee that I'm selling right now actually bought from Neimans has the same "made in China" baby tag on the inside seam waaaayyy at the bottom of the bag. Inasfar as quality goes, you are going to find that quality bags are going to also come from China - "China" does not necessarily mean "cheap" or "fake" - and in this case, I stand behind that statement 110%. Unfortunately, labor IS cheaper there - and regardless of whether you're paying .10 a day to the laborers for cheap knock off bags, or $5.00 a day to them, it's still less expensive to the manufacturer to do it there, rather than here. There will always be exceptions - LV will never be made in China (unless they're fake)....but in terms of your Kooba issue - Revolve Clothing is a very good site - see what happens with this next purchase - there may have just been a mistake in terms of what they shipped you. Keep us posted.;)