KOOBA - Mackenzie Clutch

  1. I am interested in the Kooba clutch from the collection called Mackenzie. Does anyone have this bag? I saw it on the Kooba Website. I like either the JAVA or KHAKI color. What do you think.. Thanks
    < :nuts: >[​IMG]
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  2. I have it in the pebbled black. Nice nice Clutch. Roomy enough for keys, money, lipsticks, some ID, lip balm, gum, Credit cards....That's all what I put in mine. The 2 front pockets are small but can fit small keys and lipsticks or gums/mints. They have built in magnetic closures.

    I like the Java better in this case. I really disliked the Ebano line of leather they had (like snake skin).
  3. It looks kind of unique and I love that dark colour leather.
  4. I like the lighter color. How does the top close? It looks like a zipper.
  5. I like the lines. Do you have any idea of the size?
  6. I love that!!!! I prefer the lighter color.
  7. It's about 11x6 and has a zipper closure.
  8. It's adorable! I wish I had the self-control to fit everything I need into a tiny clutch - they are so precious. I prefer the Java in this style.