Kooba Lucy Question - Real Or Fake - This Is Kinda Tough...

  1. Hey everyone. I consider myself being knowledgeable about Koobas on a scale of 1 to 10, about an 8, but mostly on the older vintage stuff (like the Claudias, Chiaras, etc.) but I have a stumping question that might be a tough one.
    It's about the Lucy. Now I have a silver Lucy (10,000% authentic), and on the outside side pockets, there's a little snap - so you can put your sunglasses in there etc., without them falling out. My question is "has anyone ever seen a FAKE Lucy with those snaps on the side?" I dont' even know how to find out! I googled gross fake sites trying to see a picture of how the fugly group lives, and those side pockets on the fakes DO sort of stick out like a pair of weird wings, and the real ones have a nice pleat to them and that inside pocket.
    Did anyone ever have the misfortune of getting a bad copy of a Lucy? It's a ridiculous question considering where I'm asking it! :rolleyes: but I'm at a loss and it's a question that I would love to get answered.
  2. Hheheheheeee!!!!! I've been skulking around this EXACT area for the last half hour - I feel like I've gone onto the shady part of town...like I should be wearing an overcoat and dark glasses, lest anyone see me over there! Ugh. What a nightmare. It truly IS a horrible place to be!!! :wtf: Of COURSE, NO ONE is posting that sweet little pocket area......:cursing: