Kooba Lucy Owners -- I need your help!!

  1. Help!! I just bought a black Kooba Lucy on eBay and I'm concerned that it might be fake!:sad:

    I noticed that the markings on the magnetic snap closure is different from the one on my Sienna (which I bought from a legitimate store). The one on the Kooba Lucy I bought on ebay says "OK0973628 V OKPTA1519426" on it. I tried taking a picture, but it doesn't come out very well. Could anyone with a black Kooba Lucy (with purple lining) let me know if their magnetic snap has the same marking?

    Also, the Kooba Lucy I have came with a booklet tag that is folded in half, rather than a flat tag. My Kooba Sienna came with a flat tag . . . not a booklet. Could anyone out there with a black Lucy Kooba let me know if their bag came with a booklet tag too? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    Kooba Lucy Snap II.JPG Kooba Lucy Tag.JPG
  2. could you give a link to the auction?
    how does the leather feel? It should feel super soft and slouchy.
    Also, the lining should be olive green color.. if that helps
  3. Hi

    I also bought a kooba lucy on ebay but Im not sure if it's real or not?? The leather is very good quality and the markings on the closure seem to correspond with what the real ones should have but there's a tag in it saying handmade in china!

    Should alarm bells be ringing?
  4. I just returned my camel Kooba Lucy to Saks because it couldn't compete with the fakes on ebay. I tried to sell it and no bids because the fakes are so low in price. Mine had an olive green lining, was made in China, and came with a flat tag. Not sure about the snap though.
  5. I bought a sand Lucy from Intermix a while ago. I just checked the magnetic closure and it matches up with yours. I don't remember what kind of tag it came with though, but it has a light purple lining and there is a small label inside the bag that reads "HANDCRAFTED IN CHINA" Hope this helps!
  6. Yep

    way too many fakes on ebay, but it can be so hard to tell. I just got my kooba lucy on there and it is genuine.:yahoo: There's a page on ebay that tells you what to look for in a fake kooba including the closure markings. i read somewhere that kooba change the color of their linings every season, purple being this season .
  7. All of the Kooba's I have all have had Folded tags but I'm not sure that means much. What was the tag attached with is more important. Plastic tie thingy means fake. All of mine came with dark brown string.
    The price probably is the real indicator. A Kooba is going to cost more than a couple hundred dollars. What did you pay for it and what was the feedback of the seller like?
    P.S. All of my Bags are made in China too. That's how things go nowadays. China makes things cheaper than we can and the company raises their price and makes more profit from us and the lower manufacturing cost.
  8. Help. I'm in the same spot. Do the REAL Kooba bags come with an Olive Green or a Purple lining?? thanks!! Marianne aka mcgreek:confused1:
  9. I purchased my Kooba Lucy from Activeendeavors back in Aug 2006. My lining is purple suede, and snap closure says "USATM 1974222". The small label reads "Handcrafted in China". I'll have to find the cards. I know I kept them.. I just have to search for it.
  10. I'm confused too...my raisin paige from 06 had purple suede lining while my bff's brynne's 06 lining was olive suede, so I don't think that will help with authenticity....
  11. I suppose I have always thought the true test (at least in the past) was the graduated zipper pull. When you turn it to it's side it goes from skinny to fatter toward the end. I would assume that is the hardest thing to fake as you are talking a brass mold.

    Lexie, would you agreee that is the best test? That and who you purchase it from?
  12. Lining colors vary - you cannot go by that at all. Olive, brown, and purple can all be found in varying Koobas. Tags I have seen have always been folded booklets. The zipper, as ladysalesrep said, should go from skinny to fat at the end. Also leather quality and feel plays a part.
  13. Does anyone out there have a Kooba LUCY in BLACK that they bought from a department store or legit online store??

    I'm trying to find out if ALL Lucy bags from EVERY season came in only one Lining Color or whether the color changed from season to season, even on the same style bag. :confused1:

    I've seen the Kooba Lucy in Black on ebay with both the purple lining and the olive lining. Naturally, everyone claims they bought theirs from Saks and everyone claims that theirs is authentic. To make matters worse, each of these Sellers in the past two months have perfect or near perfect feedback.

    So -- HELP! Should the Lucy Black have a Purple lining OR Olive Green lining -- or can it have either color, depending on which season it came out in?? (And if so, which season color is the most recent, out of curiosity??)

    And, last: Anybody with a Black Lucy with purple lining (if Purple IS the proper color, or at least a legit color) in excellent condition who's ready to give theirs up to a good home?? I'll burst if I don't get one soon!! :nuts:

    Thanks so much!!!! Marianne aka mcgreek

  14. I'm not sure if this will help you any, but my Lucy in cream has the lilac ultrasuede lining, and came with a folded tag like the one in your pic. The snaps appear to be the same dimensions, but mine says 1974222, then the little symbol, then USA.TM. I checked my Sienna (which is a season or two older with the tan ultrasuede) and the snap says the same thing as my Lucy.
  15. I have heard in the past that the snap numbers vary due to where they were manufactured at. Don't know if it is true or not. Or maybe what season it is. I have snaps with different numbers and couldn't ever make heads nor tales from them as far as authenticity since I know all of mine are authentic.

    I've also had folded sideways, folded up and down, and one card tags from all my bags so that isn't a definate authenticity indicator either. I remember freaking because I got a Maria from Revolve, and it's tag was completely different from any others I had and I thought I got a fake somehow.

    For sure the side zipper thing is a biggie but I just wonder if the fakers have taken efforts to make theirs that way too.