Kooba Lucy in silver

  1. When did this come out? Is there any chance of me getting this someplace? I love this bag. I wish I had known about Kooba before. I would've gotten a silver/black lucy or a black Marcelle.

  2. yes, someone one here owns a silver and the pics are so gorgeous. There is a black Marcelle on eBay but I guess it is in need of repairs...
  3. Yes, I've seen that Shewolfy12 . I wouldn't mind some pen marks but handles coming off, probably not. Thanks for pointing it out though :smile:.
  4. Yes, I own one and I believe KoobaLover owns one as well.
    I've had mine a bit - and I love her so much. I'm usually not too into metallics, but I love the Lucy and the silver is so fab. I haven't taken any recent pictures, but I'm sure KoobaLover has one......
    If you have a chance to get one, grab it!!! :tup:
  5. I've been wanting it too. I check eBay regularly. That's the only metallic bag that's really caught my eye as usually I don't like metallics like that. Haven't seen one yet though.
  6. I'm not a metallic kinda gal either but that Lucy has me doing a double take. That's one that I might consider...Good luck in your search, Rita.
  7. Hi Rita! Here's a pic of my silver Lucy. It is just as amazing in person as it is in the pic. I consider myself very lucky finding this brand new on eBay... they don't come around too often. Keep checking though, cause you never know!!! Good luck!

  8. That bag is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yes, it certainly is! It's all JChiara's fault... I had seen hers, and when I noticed this one on eBay I pounced!
  10. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::tup:
  11. KoobaLover, that bag is *stunning*!! I've never been into metallics or silver at all but that bag took my breath away. Simply gorgeous! An excellent find! :yes:
  12. I've simply got to have one of those. I'll just keep watching and waiting.:drool:
  13. Now if one shows up on eBay either as NWT or in mint condition, imagine the frenzy it will create and how high the price will go up.
  14. wow....your picture is making me drool KoobaLover! The color is just stunning- the perfect shade of silver!
  15. It is beautiful! I love my Lucy to bits, but would give it away in a heartbeat, for yours!