Kooba lovers...when you stray, where do you go?

  1. We all know Koobas:heart: are wonderful bags with many great attributes such as TDF leather, great structure and wearability.

    But sometimes we stray....
    Sometimes we feel the need to.....dare I say....'fondle others'.

    And at times we even make the leap into the arms of another wonderful, yet different designer bag.

    When you are unfaithful to the Kooba:heart: name, where do you seek your fulfillment? What other bags do you buy and why?

    And please know your name will be kept confidential as we all have our infidelities. *s
  2. My other favorite is Hayden Harnett. I also like Bulga a lot but only have one so far.
  3. While I love my Koobas and my collection of them is growing, I'd never limit myself to just one line of bags. Life's too short!

    I also like Via Spiga and Biasia. They have some great designs and while the leather isn't as divine as Kooba, it's still very nice for the price. Also love Coach (the leathers - I'm a leather girl) Michael Kors, Chloe, and a long list of others. I'm always on the lookout for a great quality bag... doesn't necessarily have to be a Kooba.
  4. My Kooba Mia was actually my first splurge when it comes to bags. I find alot of Kooba styles to be kind of similar and quite heavy and while I love my Mia and Paige bags, I haven't felt any desire to remain faithful and only purchase from Kooba.

    Right now I am in a Balenciaga phase but think I will be done with that after one more purchase.

    Then I have no idea where I will venture .... Peggy
  5. Besides Kooba I have Coach but I want many more Koobas before I even think about looking elsewhere. They are just 'me.'
  6. Love love kooba! But I am loving botkier :smile: I always have loved coach!! Right now I would love a miumiu but I can't afford it,
    But kooba I really do love! Yay fun post
  7. I love Kooba, but I'm not too faithful rither. I have Lvs, Gucci's, Botkiers and Bulgas... among others. I would like my next Kooba to be Elisha or Nicole.
  8. I am just about as obsessed with Isabella Fiore as I am with Kooba. I have a Whipflash Audra and a Dream Weaver Harriet - both of which I could never do without! Not all of her styles are for me, but when one catches my eye I feel like I can't live without it... I have discussed this several times with my Koobas and they support my polygamist behavior. :smile:
  9. I love Kooba but am the type that likes to have collections of different brands....I have been on a chloe kick for the past year, but have LV, Fendi collections as well...
    I do push Kooba like no other brand and have gotten a few friends addicted as well...
  10. i only have one kooba so i dont know if i qualify as a kooba lover. BUT i like a range of designers, such as LV, botkier, coach, lauren merkin, and marc jacobs.
  11. Well of course you know where my heart is but I am very very very fond of Botkier, as well as Gryson, as well as IF bags. I only have one Balenciaga and I love it (I sold my Twiggy) but I don't think I will purchase another until it wears out.
  12. I just purchased my first Kooba bag- the sienna in black w/ the floral print. I absolutley love it and couldn't resist the price. There is a Canadian designer name Christopher Kon who makes fabulous bags. Check him out! The bags are great quality and classic with an edge. The price is right too.
  13. Thanks for the tip, shopphoria, I will check it out.

    And that's the trouble with this forum, we are exposed to even more beautiful handbags and our yearly budget must be increased. *s