Kooba Lovers to the rescue, please!

  1. Hello ladies, I bought a Kooba handbag at the Off Fifth outlet today- it was a creamy color-two handles, and ties on both ends with a zippered pouch in the middle and two side pockets on either side of that- that snap in the middle. It did not have the original Kooba hang tag telling me the name of the bag. It only had the original price $595, and the Off Fifth price of $270. Well, they had stickered it to $149.99 and I had the 30% off coupon so I got it for $111 w/tax. I just want to know what style it is. It reminds me of the Sienna because of the handles and the strips down both sides of the bag-but the inside is different. Unless that is the Sienna. The zipper pulls ahve braided leather and it has the signature lilac suede lining. I think it must be last seasons handbag. Can you help me identify this bag?
  2. do you have a picture?
  3. I don't and I looked at their website -but it wasn't one of the pictured ones.
  4. Wow - what a great deal! If you can post a picture, that will help. :yes:
  5. I just looked at pictures of Kooba bags on eBay and I think that it might be the "Frankie" satchel.:smile:
  6. i am looking for the carla in black at a fab price. anyone know where it is?
  7. [​IMG]If you are looking for this bag-the Off Fifth Outlet had a lot of them-maybe you can call and see if they had one in black. Plus there is a 30% off coupon good through tomorrow in the Deals and Steals postings.
  8. Wow, you got a Kooba Frankie at one heck of a price. It's a neat bag with all those compartments.

    I have a Kooba Maria in Terraine that I am using now and I am wondering if I should grab up a Carla in Terraine before I can't find one. Anyone have the Carla? Just how big is it? Too big? The Maria fits everything I need but no room for a book or bottle of water.
  9. When I looked at them yesterday-they are definitely good sized-you'd have no problem getting everything in them that you need. I did notice that some of the bags were softer than others. Off Fifth had a bunch of them at Discover Mills in Atlanta! I know this doesn't help you unless you call and have them send one. You could even try to have them use the coupon code on it.:yes: They seemed to have two shades of brown, as well. Good luck.