Kooba lovers... Avery vs. Sloane?

  1. Yes, I'm a on a purse ban but I'm already planning my next purchase. I need a large black bag, and I want another Kooba. I thought I had settled on the Avery, but every time I see the Sloane I like it more. So, of those of you who own either one,

    Tell me how much you love it (or don't).

    Is the leather nice and smushy?

    Do the bags hug your side when you carry them?

    Problems with spots or scuffing?

    Would you recommend the bag you have to a friend, or at least, to me?

  2. anyone?
  3. I like the Avery much better than the Sloane. The Sloane is suede, isn't it? Trust me, suede is not the way to go for longevity.
  4. I am considering the Sloane in smooth leather. I agree, suede isn't the best choice for me... I have one suede bag and I rarely carry it because it gets dirty so easily and is so hard to clean!
  5. Oh, good! I just wouldn't trust suede....only on a cheaper bag that I could toss out and not feel guilty. You know, either one would make an excellent choice, then.
  6. Good question! I would love to see someone model the Avery, if they have one. Please give your height as well so we can better gauge the size of the bag. TIA!
  7. Here's a pic of the Avery just to give you an idea. It's from Active Endeavors:
  8. I don't own either one but I really like the Sloane better. Every time I see a pic I have to stop and look.
  9. I really like the Avery. I would try to find out how heavy it is compared to the Sloane. I've got the Lena in black and while I like the look of it, I don't think the leather is very soft and it is very heavy (just mentioning this because the Sloane came out the same time as the Lena and I think they are similar bags..) The Avery leather looks softer, like the Charlie and Nicole (but then again I've never seen this IRL:shrugs:)
  10. I just saw a girl carrying a Sloane handbag in the supermarket. I've never seen the Avery in person, but based on the pics, I like the Avery better. IMO, it just looks like a more sophisiticated, classic looking bag. The Sloane looks more trendy to me. Anyone agree/disagree??
  11. I like the Avery better as well.
  12. Thanks for everyone's input... would you believe that I am still undecided?!

    the only thing I know for sure is that it will be black!
  13. Avery all the way. It's so soft and light. You won't regret it!