Kooba Lola!

  1. I like it! I think it looks better in the pics that show the cream and violet versions. You can see the 'slouch' potential in those. Nice! I also saw the upcoming "Toby" which is a backpack style bag, which is not bad at all.
  2. I saw this on the bloomingdales site today. I think its gorgeous. I want! I want!
  3. I like that! Maybe there is hope for new bags!
  4. Oh gosh, looking on the Kooba website and looking at the Lola, I noticed the Micki, and I rather like it. It's a hobo but not a hobo. I wonder how big it is and how much. I'm curious and a bit interested. I bet the leather is TDF. Could this be a turnaround for Kooba after a season of uninspiring bags? I hope so.

  5. Those two are cute! I can't say the same for the backpack though... LOL
  6. :love:I love this bag in violet. I also like the micki and want to see it in violet. I am feeling very excited about the spring line. I love Kooba but didn't really like anything from the fall line with the exception on the Parker, which I have in Ink, and the Natasha. I love love love:love: this violet color and hope they have more styles in it!!!!!!!
  7. agreed, the lola is a great style, I like it for myself, and would be great for my mom. The purple is awesome. Keeping my fingers crossed for the spring line.........
  8. Finally, some new Koobas that I like. *s
  9. I really like the Lola! Did someone get the purple on eBay?
  10. I actually think this is one of the better bags I've seen in a long time, wonder what the leather is like, looks quite structured...would be wonderful if it was soft, but I think it might be more like the leather in the Lena...anybody had a feel of this bag at all?
  11. Hello ladies ... have been caught up in work and holiday activities. I really love this bag. Got to have one of these in violet. Anyone know who got the one on ebay? I also like the Mikki, Minni, but it kind of resembles the Cameron tote.
  12. Hey Nunnla, nice to see you around! I like the Lola too. I just hope it comes in a couple other colors.