Kooba Little Ada

  1. The Lady that gets me my Koobas direct from Kooba sent me some pics of upcoming bags for fall. This is my Next Quest, the small Ada. I'm not sure of the official name yet but I think it's great. The Ada is pretty large so this is perfect for an everyday bag. I can't wait to see all the new Fall Kooba's.
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    Here is some of the new Fall Colors too. Looks like there will be a small Paige too.
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  2. Cute! I love the Ada and Paige bags.
  3. Ooooooh! Little Ada is so cute!
  4. I thought I heard somewhere the new little Ada will be called the Jillian, anyone know? When will the little Ada come out? I love the Ada but it's a bit too large for me.
  5. Yes, it's the Jillian. My Kooba lady is getting me one but said the shipment from Kooba won't come until October. I put in my order for a Bourbon. I have seen it absolutley nowhere online.
  6. I really want the Woven Ada and was just about to buy it on sale...I wonder though if it will come in that "Jillian" size for fall (would suit my needs better)...maybe I should wait?
  7. Maybe since they are coming out with a mini Paige in the Fall (shown in that first pic). I might like that mini Paige. Like the Woven Ada and regular Ada, and the Paige, they are just a little too big.
  8. :yahoo: Love the mini paige! Do you know the dimensions on the bag. I was told by Kooba.com that the fall line will be dispersed to retailers at the end of August. I was looking at the Lena but now I'm liking the mini paige. :crybaby: