Kooba Lena

  1. Can I pm someone eBay links for authenticity checks? Also, what is the going rate for one of these??
  2. hi julia! there's actually a sticked thread for "AUTHENTICATE THIS KOOBA" in the Kooba forum. You can post your links to eBay auctions there.

    About the going rate, are you referring to the going rate of each Kooba on eBay? It really depends though -- brand new or not so new or the style.

    I think the Kooba ladies will be able to tell you more than I can :smile:.

    Good luck!
  3. Well I did a search most sell for around $350 but some went for more/less, I'm just not sure which are real
  4. my co-worker bought a few of these and she has been re-selling them for $400-$450 but hers are BNWT.