Kooba Lena @ Saks....$249.90...Hurry!

  1. I was just able to grab a Kooba Lena in black at Saks for $249.90 + $17.49 tax= $267.39. I had received a Kooba Paige a few weeks ago from Saks and it is way too big. I had been looking for an exchange so I hope that this will be a much better choice. Hope that there are a few more for those of you would would like one. Good luck!

  2. Sold out already! Congrats on a beautiful bag though!
  3. They must not have had too many. It is not my favorite Kooba style but never having seen it IRL I'm hoping that I will like it. The Paige was so large at 18" across at least this is slightly smaller. If it is still not to my liking at least the shipping was free and I can return it to my local Saks.
  4. Great bag. Congrats!
  5. Great bag. Great deal. Congrats!