Kooba Lena purchased from Active Endeavors

  1. OMG, this is too good to be true. I saved $125.00 plus with a 20% coupon, free shipping and no tax on a Kooba Leana today!!!!

    As I've discussed in previous posts, I was looking for an everyday bag, something more casual then my black Blake. I was looking at Coach, MJ, LV and other designers and getting frustrated because I was just not digging the bags.

    I was in Bloomingdales today when I saw the Kooba Leana in bark. I fell in love with the bag. It had everything I wanted, except the closure was snap not zipper. I can live with that especially for the price I paid using the coupon from Toutie's website!

    I would not have been able to make this purchase if not for this forum. I did not know about on-line coupons or Active Endeavors until I read the posts in this forum. I want to sincerely thank you all!!!!!!!

    P.S. Bloomingdales would have given me 20% at their pre-sale next month; however, the bag might not have been available by then, and plus I would have to pay tax.
  2. congrats with your purchase and very first kooba! :drinkup:
  3. Congratulations ecmd7, I just got the Lena in black, isn't it a great everyday bag!!:yahoo:I found the snap closure worked really well and the leather isn't too soft, hope you'll enjoy it!:smile:
  4. Don't you love it when things work out so well?! Congrats on the new bag and getting a great deal.:happydance:
  5. :yes:Isn't it great?!! I love codes and rebates sites and Amex points....when the checks and gift cards come in the mail -YEAH!!:yahoo:

    You made me run over to AE and grab the cutie pie MJ Max bag in leaf green I wanted.:heart: Nice price. Thanks. Enjoy that Kooba!!
  6. Congrats! You made a great choice. I was never a big fan of Kooba, but I actually really like this particular style. :yahoo:
  7. very pretty, i love it.:yes:
  8. Ran, congrats! =)
  9. Ack, that bag is gorgeous. I was looking into Gryson's Skye in chocolate, but that shot managed to sway me... and I'm not a Kooba fan. Just ordered it in Bark as well -- thanks for the heads-up on the toutie code!
  10. hyacinthus, let me know what you think of the bag once you receive it. I plan to take pics and post once I get mine.
  11. I definitely will. I can't wait for them to ship it out! Luckily, Active Endeavors is super quick with order turnaround.
  12. That's a rockin' bag. Congratulations.
  13. I like it! Congrats!
  14. Great-looking bag!
  15. This is really great! Both the bag and the deal. Wish I had seen your post earlier......

    After using my Kooba Sienna for a while, I feel like being converted to a Kooba fan...Lena has been sitting on my list...