Kooba Lena - Good choice for my 1st Kooba?

  1. I think the Lena is very lovely bag. I would love it in slate. I'm not too crazy about the bark color, but if you love the dark brown color, I say go for it. The deal is pretty good.
  2. The Bark is my favorite. The buckles don't really do anything. Basically they are decoration although you can loosen them. The leather is a stiffer leather and the side pockets with the straps are pretty funky and difficult to use. But the bag is classy and casual and is very attractive.
  3. Oh i love it in bark, it's perfect here cause I'm in Oz and it'll look great with our upcoming winter wear! :biggrin:
  4. I like the Lena too! Cute!
  5. i think the lena looks nice. and i love the brown of that bark colour.
  6. Yes!!! Lena was my first Kooba. I bought it on sale at Saks back in Dec. of last year. It was love at first sight.

    It's a great bag. I enjoy using it. It's a bit heavy, but it's also a real workhorse.

    Go for it!
  7. The Lena is a gorgeous bag, well made, although somewhat heavy. I bought one from Saks but returned it because the double straps would not stay on my shoulder and it was somewhat awkward feeling. Now, this is just me....but overall it was not a comfortable bag to carry. I wanted it to be, loved the bag especially in black (which was what I was looking for) and even the great sale price was not enough for me to keep it. Hopefully, you will have a much better experience with it than I did. It's a beauty!
  8. I was really gaga for this bag back in the Fall. I couldn't decide on the Sloane or the Lena though and I got so confused I just gave up on both of them! :p

    I seem to remember one of our TPF members saying she got this bag and she thought the colour looked a little green? She said it was hard to explain, but the color was yuck. I can't comment since I haven't seen one irl, but that posting was enough to put me off of them. Maybe she just had a weird bag. :shrugs:

    I DO love the shape of the Lena though.
  9. I've been knocking my Lena a bit lately and felt bad, so this week I've used it and it's really grown on me:heart:

    Has suited most things I've worn during the week, the more I look at it, the more I like it (I know somebody mentioned the side pockets are awkward to get into and they are, so I've accepted they're there to make the bag look good, instead of being all that functional...)
  10. I just got my Lena in honey from revolve yesterday and it fantastic fast shipping (5 days from the US to Germany) and even though she's a bit heavy and the leather is pretty stiff I love her. I assume that the leather will soften up with use and for me it's definetely a keeper for an eveerday throw-around bag.