Kooba Lena Belted Medium Shoulder Bag

  1. I just came across this bag on Elux and I am really loving it in black. Does anyone own it? If so, is it easy to get in and out of? Are there any pockets or zippers, etc? Elux didn't put the detailed pics on this one.

  2. I don't own it, but I have been eyeing it on Eluxury as well.
  3. I have one and will post some pics. I love the bag. I got it in bark. It's a Medium Brown with an almost olive sheen to it. Nice midsize bag with straps with an 11 inch drop. Zippered pocket inside with 2 multipockets and 2 side pockets that are roomy and have a snap closure. You can loosen the pockets or bag top by re-adjusting the buckles. It's a nice nice bag. If you need more pics or questions let me know.
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  4. Lexi - thanks for the pics and the info. I love it more each time I look at it and I think I'm going to get it in black. :idea:
  5. Lexi,

    How is the quality? (esp. the leather) I'm interested in it in honey (I think that's what the color is called)
  6. The quality is great. I have no qualms with it. It's a medium thickness leather. Not quite as thick as a Sienna but thicker than a Tatum (which is very squishy). It's not distressed so it's fairly smooth in appearance but does not seem to scratch easily. I've had my keys in and out of the side pocket. It's a dressier look to me that could go casual or dressy unlike a Sienna that looks mostly casual to me.
    The Honey looked too "orange-y" to me but you can never tell from the pics. I never saw the olive-y sheen to this because the NM pic looked strictly brown. If you look on the Kooba site on the Fall Collection scroll pics, they have a gorgeous Forest Green Suede. It's beautiful but I vowed never to do suede again. Too much damage control. In the pics I posted the 1st pic is the actual color.
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  8. lexie - why one's heavier - sienna or lena?
  9. I just emptied both bags out and compared. I would say they were the same with maybe the Lena being a tad (a very small tad) heavier. It's negligable. Maybe it seems heavier because it is more structured and the leather is firmer, as it is new. I know the bag will soften with use. They really are 2 totally different bags. Ones structured and ones slouchy. Smooth vs distressed leather. Dressier vs Casual. Kinda have to figure out what your needs are because if you decision is solely based on weight, there isn't much difference.
  10. Lexie, that is a seriously gorgeous bag!! I'm a big fan of the Sienna and I like the Marcelle, but none of the other Koobas have really cought my attention. THIS ONE, however, is something else, looks like a really functional bag you can either dress up or down, love the outside pocket, maybe I would finally get to my mobile before people hang up....
  11. Two pockets Maggie. One on each side. One for keys and one for cell phone and yes, it's easier pockets to get into that you can snap to make sure your stuff stays inside. It is a pretty functional bag. It caught my eye too. Just a pretty pretty bag.
  12. I just love your Lena Lexie. Maybe down the road I will get one. It looks amazing!!
  13. thanks lexie.

    you're the Kooba queen here!
  14. Thanks for the info, Lexie! :biggrin:

    Yeah, the honey does look really orange in some pictures, but I saw a magazine pic (I forget which) where it looks like a really light, golden brown. I'm hoping it'll turn out that way.

    The Sienna is too casual for me too, but I really am drawn to the Lena after your pics. I wonder if there is anywhere I can see it IRL? I've never seen this brand in stores before.