Kooba leather

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  1. There's been alot of dicussion here on the leather of some of the newest Koobas. Do you guys think it is a coincidence that it is brought up so much? To me, even this one reason alone allows me to think that Kooba is heading downward. Even 2 years ago there was never discussions of this.

    It's a hard thing to swallow. I think we are all a little perfectionistic (is that a word?) when it comes to bags and especially when you spend 600 on one. You want something perfect. Leather is skin and I would hate for my husband to start to notice and focus on every blemish, pimple, mole, discoloration on me! Hahaha! But then again, I was free and not 700.00....LOL

    I just know that I have owned many many Vintage and earlier Koobas and the leather dye or discolorations or blemishes were not a big issue. If anyone has not had the pleasure of checking out the leather on a smooth Sienna, you'd immediately understand what I mean. Even color, thick thick leather...amazing. There were unfinished leathers in Siennas and Carlas and Gingers that were distressed naturally but thick and durable. Now in the last 2 years we have seen some weird stuff. Lots and lots of leather variations which causes the bag to look different in areas. Maybe because they are not perfecting the areas of leather they choose or are using inferior leather. Maybe these inferior leather pick up dyes differently. Also we have seen many bags with very thin leather with alot of discolorations. It is just very odd to have last years Slate bags turn yellow/brown all over the place. This wasn't isolated either but I betcha Kooba would probably say it is a natural leather variation and is not a defect. That is their standard line to Kooba acct holders.

    How long will you pay 650 for a bag with a bad case of acne (because it's not the leathers fault)? Especially when I am seeing and buying many other designers that this does not seem prevelent or even an infrequent issue.
  2. to be honest with you...i have completely stayed away from kooba lately. the leather horror storries and the new designs are just ugh to me...I am always on the lookout for an older kooba tho. hopefully kooba will get it togther, otherwise who knows where the brand will go...JMHO :s
  3. Hey, there, Lexie! Haven't been on the Kooba boards too much as I feel just about the same way as you do. Even my embossed Sienna has great leather to the point that I have worn her a great deal over the past year or so, and the leather actually keeps getting better and better with respect to suppleness and patina. The only Kooba that I can think of at this exact moment from their Spring Line that I would almost pay the money for is the Lola in black. Beautiful supple leather, yet has form and sturdiness....and is a great size. Other than that......I haven't thought much about Kooba's past few seasons enough to run out to Saks and just fondle for a while. I wonder if any of the powers that be ever read our very knowledgeable forums to know that there are a bunch of us potential buyers out there who won't go near Kooba until they shape up! Wonder if that means anything to anyone, especially knowing that their customer service is lacking big time, too. I'm pretty bummed about it, because I really am a great big fan of their vintage bags. Also, while I am ranting, I wanted to note that I don't care much for their lining anymore, either. That lavender beautiful suede-type ling is just gorgeous and is still clean, clean, clean, in both my bags!
  4. I've been disappointed by recent leather changes, and have said so, since the Dylan. The Jacinda just really drove it home to me. There is no comparison and for the price (which has stayed the same or risen slightly on some bags) I'm just not finding it worth the retail cost. I really have to wonder if the major change up in leather has to do with recent sales not being what they were before. I wonder if there are financial issues/considerations. :shrugs:

    It's not as though Kooba hasn't changed their leather before. They have. But the quality of the leather was always consistently excellent. What I called 'substantial'. It is no longer that. It's also not that Kooba hasn't used thinner leathers before. They have. The Ivory and Purple Lucy, Chiara and Claudia bags come to mind. They were very light and the leather thinner than other bags....but the quality was still there. You're so right - there's a lot of weirdness going on with the leather anymore. And yep, you hit it on the head. For the price, you expect better.

    I posted my thoughts on the leather after receiving the Jacinda. I was hoping some of the other bags had better leather...which it seems the Talia does, but I just received the Roni from BBOS today and it's the same story - thin and smells like....the chemical process used to either tan it or dye it or both. A bit of a plastic-y chemical smell, which is really disappointing because the Roni's style is fabulous. I love the size, the style and the way it carries. The color is almost a blush shade in certain light. Just beautiful. But I won't be buying it....because I'm not impressed by the leather. If I *did* convince myself to get one anyway I would wait until the prices went waaaay down to what I personally felt was commensurate to the quality of the leather.

    There are several styles I'm very much attracted to in the Spring 08 line. I really doubt I'll be buying them, however. At least not without 'test driving' them first. While I'm disappointed and a bit sad, I don't think I'm quite ready to blow off Kooba completely just yet, though. I think I'll see what the July releases have to offer...and maybe even hang with them until Fall. After that I may take a peek at their subsequent lines to see if they got the message and went back to better leather (if possible).
  5. I know I just posted recently about how much I like the Spring '08 line but I also agree with your post. I think Kooba has taken a nose dive over the past year and while they may have curved up a little recently avoiding crashing into the ground they are still down overall. I like a wide variety of leathers but am a die hard fan of the thicker leathers like my Lena, Jillian and Mackenzie. I spoke to the SA at Neiman Marcus last week about the changes in Kooba and I think she miss understood me a little. I was talking about the ultra thin Roni leather and she went on to say that Kooba "finally worked out their kinks".. I meant in in a bad way but she thought I meant the changes were good. I don't know what's up with the Roni leather either. It is absolutely gorgeous in every way but the leather is very thin. It's nice that it's light weight but you're right.. it's missing that fabulous quality factor.
  6. Lexie, I couldn't agree with you more. I'm sure that's why I cherish my older Koobas and am thinking twice before selling any of them. They really are irreplaceable and the new Koobas just don't cut the grade when it comes to quality. It's sad because the anticipation and excitement that used to live in this forum, has disappeared. I think we're all pretty disappointed with Kooba's offerings over the past two seasons. I've found myself straying away from the Kooba section of TPF because I don't want to be a 'moaning mini' about the new bags. But they are, sigh, disappointing to say the least.
  7. KoobaMe, I'm so disappointed to hear the Roni has inferior leather as well..it looks so gorgeous in the pics and if the leather had been soft, smooshy and TDF, this would have been a fabulous bag...

    The whole idea that we should receive second hand leather when spending $600 on a bag is absurd..I'd rather go into Target and get something for $39 if it's only the style I'm after..
  8. Maggie: It really is disappointing. I reeeeally, reeeeally like the Roni. If it were the same quality of leather as some of the older lines I could see it becoming a classic. Hell, if the leather just *smelled* like leather, even faintly, I'd consider buying it!

    I'm thinking of checking out a Talia. SouthernBelle's pics and response that the leather is thick and smooshy makes me want to 'test drive' one.

    I wonder if this is also related somehow to a discussion we had in this forum last year regarding Kooba branching out into jackets and if that had taken their focus away from the bags. I noticed that they have branched out even more this year into tops and I think even a dress. I believe Saks or Bloomies has them available.
  9. littlerock: I wonder what the heck she meant by that. She clearly misunderstood you but I wonder if she was just talking to talk or really believes that.

    And you mentioned at least two of the bags that are prime examples of yummy Kooba leather: Lena and Jillian. LOVE them!! If that Jacinda had been of the same leather as the Lena I'd still have her! :girlsigh:
  10. It's too bad we can't change our user names anymore... this season mine would be KoobaApathy.
  11. I really hate the way I feel about Kooba now. I was a die-hard fan! I was the Kooba Queen! Now I am Judas.

    I did buy the Nelli and I do like it alot. But it's not the Kooba I knew. And I just got an Isabella today. I haven't opened it yet. I'm afraid...LOL I was talking to a well known ebay seller HauteChick and she confirmed that the Elisha's this Spring are a thinner different leather of the Elisha's last year. My Red Elisha was the last Kooba I had that I found the leather to be spectacular. I don't understand why they didn't keep that leather other than to save money. The price did stay the same but the cost to make the bag is probably less.
  12. Lexie- You should see the new Elishas in person (at least the Blonde one). I found the leather to be better than last season. I can't speak for the yellow, blue or brown but I can definitely say the Blonde Elisha has a better leather than last season. It doesn't scuff like it did before and it is absoultely beautiful.

    KoobaMe: This SA sounded like she was speaking from fact, like she had had this conversation before and that it was just a known thing that Kooba was getting better as time passed. Maybe her clients like the new stuff.. ?? I don't know, I can't figure it out. FYI- The Talia leather is really nice!! Very thick and a lot like the older leather.. it is nothing like any of the new bags. That is the bag I'd like to get my hands on next. I wish they would come out in better colors though. I'll settle for black over pink/ green. Not that I have anything against a hot pink bag but for that price I'd like to be able to wear it more than twice a year.
  13. Guys, I am so upset about my first kooba purchase, done during the Neiman's promotion via charge send. I bought the Jacinda in patent which I really love, but also the Lola in the crackled hot pink. I was sent a LOLA with all kinds of scuffs and scratches on it. I called the NM SA who sold it to me and had her send me another one. It arrived today, and guess what, it's the same thing, but even worse!! For a bag that retails for almost $700 I am so disappointed!

    The black Jacinda is also my second one. I originally bought the lavendar, but I was so disappointed with the thin leather... so I xchanged for black, which is MUCH Better!
  14. What was the NM promotion via charge send if you don;t mind me asking? Was it the $200 off each bag if you buy two? Just curious if it was the same as the instore promotion.

    I think the black Jacinda is better than the lavendar one too.. congrats! Wish I knew more about the pink lola.
  15. Which bag do you have from last season? I only had a Bonnie for a short time last year, and the Red Elisha. I think the Blonde may have had more issues because of it's light color but my Red Elisha looks brand new. I love that slightly distressed leather. Is the new Elisha very soft and smooth? Like my Nelli? Or does it have the lightly distressed appearance? I'm very happy with my Elisha even though it is farly lightweight. I can't imagine the leather being even thinner on his years bag's.