kooba leather protector

  1. I just got my first kooba, and planning on getting a second this week at the NYC sample sale.

    What do you ladies recommend I use to protect / water proof your kooba? Please give me the product name and how you apply it!

    Thanks so much!!!!!
  2. Wilson's Leather and Suede protector. I doused all my bags with it. It is an aerosol can that you just spray until damp and let dry.

    It works like a charm. My Alex Pink Kooba got in an accident with Italian Oil Salad dressing. Alot of it! I washed it off with warm water and when it dried, the leather looked just like new with no residual stains or discoloration. I was sold on it after that. It seems to work better on a leather with a little finish to it. I sprayed my Charlie and it still stained. The leather was just so soft.
  3. Lexie, do you know if it is anywhere I can get this product online, that ships internationally? TIA:smile:
  4. Sorry Maggie. I have no idea. I buy it at the store and never have looked for it online.
  5. Maggie....I use Kiwi Multi Purpose waterproof protector on my Isabella fiores.
    It has worked great and has even repelled ice cream drips!! Im going to use it on my Scarlett when it gets here ( Which I getting custom Charges on by the way:cursing: ) so I will let you know how it goes, but Im not afraid in the slightest to use it on the Scarlett as the spray has been excellent on my other bags.

    Plus its not that pricey and easy to buy. Im pretty sure you have the Kiwi Brand in Oz?
  6. Try Appleguard, I use the rain and stain repellant, the cleaner and the conditioner. They have a set of those products together in a pouch. There are threads about Appleguard and Wilson's at the Forum.


    I have also used Wilson's and feel it did a great job, my can ran out (buying too many bags) but I will get more next time I am by their store.

    Just know that when you spray your bag it WILL GO DARK. Don't worry, it takes around an hour to dry and it will be back to normal.
  7. Thanks Halzer and ladysales, I've seen the Kiwi stuff somewhere here and I might bite the bullet and pay shipping on the Appleguard, just to see which one works best (I'm planning plenty more bags...:graucho:)

    Custom Charges is very unfair, I think, someone said they had to pay customs on anything over 25 Euros living in Holland (well, you hardly get the dust bag for that), but here in Australia we're ok as long as we keep it under $1000, which is quite good (at least my Koobas won't be taxed:smile:) I also find that when I order something from Europe, customs will open and check it (they leave a note), but that has never happened with stuff from the States (maybe they trust you guys more, LOL)

    Anyway, have to get some spray and get that Cognac Sienna out of the dust bag, we're heading for winter here...
  8. Thanks, Jade, I'm going to use that link and order some now:smile: