Kooba Leather Jacket ~revolve ~$355

  1. ^What is the JT code?
  2. Someone was kind enough to mention the JT code on the deals and steals forum. It works on the revolve site for 15% off on brands that the manufacturers do not allow to be marked down, like Kooba. I recently got a taupe and brown Kooba layla that was on sale for $315, and with the JT code it ended up being only $266. You just enter it like any other discount code when you check out.

  3. Haven't seen this one before, Lizardo, it's actually surprisingly nice, considering the other wild creations Kooba has flung at us..remember the cape?:throwup:
  4. I kind of like that jacket, the leather looks divine. Hmm if only I wasn't saving up for a new purse...like always.