Kooba Layla!

  1. Just saw this bag as part of the Fall 2007 collection and I am in love! Does anyone know when will it be available? What about pricing? I didn't see the Layla in their online store...
  2. http://www.kooba.com/fall07_6.html

    Looking at the picture on page 6 of the Fall collection on the Kooba website, it actually looks quite an interesting bag. I'd love to see one in real life.

    Looks like it comes in Taupe/brown (very pretty) and will be available in brown or black as well. No pricing available on the website as yet. I'd seriously consider it in the future, or the Jennifer (which is a larger/deeper version).
  3. I believe that this bag will become available next month. This is the other Fall bag I'm looking to get, probably in the brown/taupe shade ... or perhaps the Sophia, not sure yet. But I will definitely be getting one of them. When I do, I will post photos and of course, if I'm not in love, you know what I'll be doing with it.
  4. Oh yes please Larke, you know we always appreciate you giving us the inside scoop on these new bags as well as detailed pictures. Can't wait. I do love the brown/taupe combination.
  5. I really like the look of the Sophia. A big ol' leather bag, kinda casual. I'd love to get one and use it for hauling around stuff. I would love to see the leather age and wear well. If it's prissy leather, it would lose my interest. This looks like a great bag for a student too with books and such. But it also looks like it may weigh a ton and I bet because of it's size it will not be cheap.
  6. I love the brown/taupe color, but I think the bag would look better without the outside pockets. Look at Active Endeavors picture and imagine it without the pockets.
    Dreaming here!
  7. I saw the Layla and the larger version at Nordies tonight. I really like Layla...nice soft leather and nice size. To me the Layla is plenty big; other would be too big and heavy. Layla has outside pockets that are open across the front and back and then the two closed side pockets--very handy. They had the two tone taupe/brown and the black. I think the dark brown would be better with my wardrobe but probably won't look as pretty as the taupe. The black seemed rather bland next to the two-tone. Price was $625 as I recall.:tup:
  8. I'm still so up in the air on this style. I like the Sophia but can't decide if I should get one. Is the leather (on the taupe) looking like it would scratch easy and not buff out, or the type of leather that will look distressed and well used (not in a bad way) if scratched? I think I was hoping for a hardier saddle type leather (like in alot of Coach bags).
  9. You're a lot more expert on the different Kooba leathers that I but I would say this was softer than Lena or Sloane...more like Paige khaki that I had...or maybe like Elisha or Bonnie. Smooth, didn't notice any distress or wrinkling. Definitely soft though--not stiffer like in the coach legacy bags. If it's like the Paige I had, I think it would show some scratches but I found that after I had the bag for a while that didn't bother me to have a few marks on it.
  10. Thank SD Kitty. That helps alot. It's hard to buy bags sight unseen. I was hoping for a more rough and tough harder leather (Isn't that a change?) but sometimes it's nto bad in certain bags.

    And you think Taupe is prettier than say the flat black or brown they are going to have? I think the contrast strap is pretty while at first I hated it. Now I need to know exactly how big the Sophia is going to be.
  11. I like the look of the Layla-especially the Taupe color! It looks like it has a strap attached too so I wonder if you can wear it cross-body?
  12. Not sure if I have names down but if Sophia is big sister to Layla, they did have it at Nordies. It was too big for my taste. And somehow the side pockets on it looked more bulky. They had the black Layla and to me it just didn't look as interesting as the taupe. But I usually prefer browns to blacks anyway. I think if the brown is a dark brown like the brown on the two-tone bag it's going to look very similar to the black. Since the taupe would pretty much clash with my two leather jackets that I wear all the time in winter, I'm going to try to resist this one. But I love the two big outside pockets that run the whole width of the front and back. I love to be able to grab my glasses, keys and cell phone. Will let you know if I see the brown version.
  13. I just saw them today SDKitty. I'm glad I saw them because I was going to buy one and now definitely not. You are right, the Sophia is HUGE and very soft and squishy and the side pockets look like tumors handing off the side of that bag. Just doesn't look right to me. I was hoping for a more structured firmer leather. When these basg aren't stuffed they are going to lose their whole appearance and look sloppy I think. I didn't like the feel of the leather at all.
  14. Wow Lexie, what disappointing news. There was me thinking this range might 'save' Kooba's disappointing Fall line, but maybe not. It means no Kooba Fall bags to look forward to, that's just so sad. :sad: I may have to start looking at (dare I say it), other brands!
  15. Oh, thanks for this review Lexie! I was looking at one on the PinkMascara website, and they must have it stuffed because from the picture I really like it, but you are right, if it looses it shape, it would make it a very different bag!