Kooba large ruched satchel for $270

  1. must have been a boo-boo. it's now $451! at least they fix their mistakes!
  2. If you put it in your bag, they take $180 off.
  3. thanks for letting us know :smile:
  4. it's unfortunate that bloomies doesnt take international orders...:crybaby:
  5. Use e bates for an additional 4% off. The e bates rebate amount generally covers the cost of the shipping and handling. How come ******.com doesn't show up?
  6. Thanks so much for the heads up on this one! I ordered it - it will not ship until 2/21 so this will let my credit card take a quick breather!! I can't wait to see this color in person!
  7. That's an awesome deal on a Kooba Katy! I just bought one on eBay for $305, and I thought I was getting a deal. The cuoio isn't the color I personally needed, but I have heard it is nice.

    I never realized that trick about seeing what the price came to by putting it in the shopping cart. I am going to have to pay closer attention!
  8. That is an awesome deal. $270 is the wholesale price for a Katy in Cuoio & Black.
  9. Is the wholesale price for an eggplant different? :confused1: Or just the metallics?
  10. Uh Oh!! I just got the dreaded email.

    We're thrilled that you indulged in a little bloomingdales.com retail recreation - you deserve it.

    We hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the merchandise you ordered, which is listed below, has been discontinued.
  11. I almost ordered it, but when I saw that it would ship in 44 days (I think that was it),
    I knew it would be trouble......

    Sorry it was canceled for you!
  12. mine was canceled at bloomingdales too:crybaby:
    but i was able to order a lava colored one for $364.00 at eluxury. last one too, i think.
  13. same happened to me with marc by marc jacobs bag....i put wrong id code for my credit card and instead of giving me time to call them up and correct it they just sent an email and put the bag back up for sale!!! needless to say it was gone in a snap! they were so rude on the phone too
  14. just got the same CLUTCH[​IMG] ....
    40% off already reduced
    Orig. $325.00
    Now $227.50 now is 136!