Kooba Large Meredith Shoulder Bag at NM for $280.80

  1. that's what i released!
  2. Boy, we're quick aren't we? LOL!!!
  3. yea...after 2nd thoughts i decided to cancel the order..someone get it!
  4. aw I only wish this was in slate gray! arg!
  5. It's a beautiful bag. I thought about getting it in the sand color last night, but held out for a Miu Miu that I was hoping would come up on sale.
  6. .........and it's gone!! :woohoo:
  7. No you don't. I have it Slate.. and boy does it get ugly once it starts to fade (and it always fades--I think there's a whole Kooba thread dedicated to fading Slate bags)
  8. crap really? i have this bag in slate (i wore it for a few weeks only), but ugh if it gets ugly, i will be really sad..
  9. i have it in slate, have been using it every day for MONTHS, and adore it. the leather DOES change color a bit, but i don't think it's ugly at all, it's just a little less blue than the original leather.

    i'd definitely get this bag in another color if it's a good deal, like i said, i've been using my slate version (which i got on sale from Shopbop) for months and i absolutely love it.
  10. i managed to order it from NM, but of course it gets cancelled =(