Kooba ladies - please help authenticate!

  1. It looks authentic to me ... Lexie, KoobaLover, KoobaBagLover? Others? Whatcha think?
  2. If you look at her past auctions, you'll see she's had quite a few Koobas very recently. None of them seem to have any red flags of being counterfeit... just don't know if I would buy from someone with such low feedback. She does have a 7-day money-back return policy though.
  3. the bag looks real to me, and all positive feedback, isn't that a good thing?

    test that seller out, see if they can take a close up picture of the zipper on the inside of the bag. just a thought.

    purdy baaag! :yes:
  4. Hey!!! That's my Jillian in Cognac! I really believe that one is authentic!!
  5. Cool! Thank you very much all of you!
  6. You can see that the zipper does look fine in the pic she posted. Low feedback but I think she really is real.
  7. It does say Kooba, it's just not real clear. If the pics are the bag she is selling thne it is real. All of her other auctions look good and RosenPetal got her Maria off of her. Looks a-okay but she does have low feedback. If I really wanted it I would write her and tell her of my worries of her being a newer seller and see if she can help your fears. The bag still have the Kooba handle tape from the manufacturer. Wonder where she gets her bags being so new. Unless that is a new eBay ID, and that is worrisome. Most people that changed ID's had old accts with alot of negs. Then they changed it and disallowed a seller to hide their feedback so alot of sellers started over. eBay used to put a big stop to that but they have no time to cross check each new user with perhaps an older closed acct.
  8. scary!!!
  9. Yes, I bought my Maria from this seller & she was very good to work with, good communication & fast shipping, and of course, my favorite bag ever! (so far...)

  10. I have seen this bag IRL in this color and IF the photos are the bag being auctioned, it appears to be ok.

    Compass, that bag is in the color Sand.

    I do wonder if color dye transfer night be a problem with this light color.
  11. Wow...I thought it was cognac, because the sand is much much lighter (IRL, anyway).........