Kooba knock off on eBay

  1. Yes, this is wrong. All you can do is report the auction. Use the "report this auction" link at the bottom if it's page but be sure to copy the Auction number. You need to paste in into a box at the end.
  2. I wonder if I shouldn't contact the seller first to tell her she isn't allowed to sell these on eBay. Maybe she doesn't know?

  3. You could to be nice. I hate to be the pessimistic one (maybe cause I've been ebaying too long now) that I think most of these people know what they are doing.
  4. I just sent her an e-mail. If she were trying to pass off a fake as authentic I would have just reported her. I guess I am just in a good mood today. I will see how she replies and report her if she doesn't end that auction.