Kooba Kim - Is This Cute?


Kooba Kim - Cute Or Let It Go?

  1. Yes - It's A Keeper!

  2. No - I Don't Like It

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  1. Do you guys happen to like this style? It's about 14 x 6 and I'm debating whether to keep it or not. I don't know if I like pink, I dont know if I like the studs....I don't know. It's a sweetie pie pink though and pink bags are hard to come by. What do you guys think?;)
  2. I like it! Where did you find it?
  3. The bag is cute but the pink is too 'bubblegum' for me.
  4. If you are a 'pink bag' kind of girl then it is cute.
  5. The Pink is okay but I don't care for the studs on this bag. This on Bluefly right now. The only Kooba they currently have. I saw this when I purchased my Alex but I prefered the Fuschia Pink over the lighter Pink of this bag and the Helena.
  6. I'd give that a miss...
  7. It's ok, I don't have a pink bag so if the price was right I would get it, otherwise I would wait for something else to come around.
  8. i like the pink but i don't like the studs.