Kooba Kiera camel $279 ~ Brynne oak $298 BG on line...

  1. I've been looking at the Brynne. It looks really nice. Do you guys think it's a good buy?
  2. I like it. You can always return it if it doesn't suit you.
  3. Sure wish that the Brynne was in black...I'd snap it up in a mere second! But alas, no such luck.
  4. You're torturing me, Ms.Lizardo! That is a very pretty bag.

  5. I'm torturing myself too......I am broke but I managed to snag one of the bourbon siennas.....the camel Brynne looks really nice but I am in the same boat as Shewolfey....when will it ever stop??? LOL
  6. I dont recommend the camel brynne...
    I had it and the colour was too yellow for me in real life so I had to erm....re-colour it.
    I think the auburn and black look nicest on the Brynne...
  7. How do you re-color it? Please let me know since I have a bag that I want a little darker? Do I just use that leather lotion?

  8. I remember this one. You used Vaseline right Halzer? And then the camel shade turned slightly darker and with a little sheen.
  9. Just like a baseball glove~
  10. from experience of holding the oak bags up close and personal, i just wanted to say it is a really beautiful color
  11. They still have the Oak for 298. If I was going to buy this, I'd have to get Oak. The Camel needed the "Halzer treatment" to look good IMO. And Black is....well...black.
    Geesh, I just bought a Anna Corinna...I need to be good for awhile.
  12. I have a Brynne in black and that's my favorite color in this bag, followed by Auburn. The camel and oak don't do a lot for me personally.