Kooba Kelsey Tote...Is this new? What do you think?

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  1. I just came across this at Kooba Kelsey tote at Shopbop. I really like the shape and just about everything else about it. Especially that fact that it opens so wide with a zipper. Quite attractive, I think. It looks like a smaller version of the Paige. But would I use a tote when I am so used to shoulder bags? What do you think?
  2. Is there a link to a picture?
  3. Here is a pic...sorry.

  4. I like it. I looks very classic.
  5. I love it. Hot.
  6. I really like the shape, although I'm not sure I like this particular color....:welcome:
  7. I was expecting that bag to show up soon since the Jillian already came out (little sister to the Ada). I was never enamored by the size and look of the Paige and thought I'd like this one better. I'm not sure but it certainly suits my size range better. But the zip top satchel style is really a nice feature.
    Isn't that the Khaki color? Those 2 new colors they came out with this Fall (Khaki & Java) don't impress me much. A different color on this bag might make me love it.
  8. Agree..nice bag...ehh on the color. It needs more life.
  9. I'm so so about the bag. I like so many other Kooba's more . Maybe it's the color, I'd have to see it IRL.
  10. Not too fond of it. I don't like the huge pocket and those buckles. Gosh, I'm so boring...
  11. Me too - but I can't quite shake off the 'plain, limited hardware, classic shape' bug yet . . . :shame:
  12. Great size and shape. Don't know if it's new. Very Classic.
  13. I like its size and Paige-like style, but I don't like the leather...IMO it will look better if it uses the same heavily pebbled leather as the Paige. (The Paige in raisin looks gorgeous!) And I'm not in favor of the new patent bags made by kooba either...the Parker, and a few else.
  14. Not loving it to be honest...the colour and style is a bit plain for my liking...especially the big flap pocket in the front...

    I think you can find something prettier for that money...???
  15. Oh Exactly. Now that would make this bag special. The pebbled leather in raisin would be so cool. It would give some life to that bag.
    This bag is new, it was released with the resort line (the patent leather crap). I'm sorry...they just look so goofy to me. Koobas style & Patent leather just doesn't match to me.