Kooba Kelsey in Java back on Revolve!

  1. I love the buckles on that bag! And such a neat color, too!
  2. Hi Compass it is really nice and roomy-I wanted it in Khaki but I got the Mackenzie instead!
    I had asked you in another thread about your Jessie-what do you think of it?? There is still some on Revolve for $282-do you think it's a good deal?
    let me know what you think!! Thanks :smile:
  3. AM....Hi! I love, love, love my Jessie to death! I don't find it heavy, but the leather is nice and substantial. I got mine through a PF'er that was lovingly adored for about 30 days, and I think I paid somewhere around $225...can't remember exactly, but I believe that a new one at $282 would be a great price! It's very much worth it!
  4. I'm thinking that Kelsey could be a return from when Revolve marked it down a while ago. I'd be careful, or ask them to examine it before sending it out. It might be an extra one they found floating about their warehouse.
  5. I just saw a post on the handbags forum from bagatella, and she had a horrible experience with Revolve, as she got a USED bag with crumbs in one of the pockets....with no help from customer service, either. I think I will take Revolve out of my Favorites.....too iffy for me.
  6. I saw that same post Rose. Yuck. The bag had crumbs in it! Eeeww.
  7. Someone had Kelsey Java bags for $297, I think it was pinkmascara. Can't remember but you can probably find it in the authentic Kooba finds thread several pages back. $282 is a good price for a new Jessie. The cheapest I had seen them was Bluefly for $297.
  8. Ya know, I think I just might get the Jessie...but my new Holly is coming soon and she might just be the one I've been looking for!! lol
    The Kelsey must a return, but I wonder at what point would they say NO to a return-why on earth would they accept a return if the bag was obviously used?? ewww
  9. Hi Compass I wish I was allowed in the bag-trading/selling/buying forum but I'm just not qualified yet!! someday...:sad:
  10. Hi Youngster-how did you get the cat to stay still long enough to keep that lime helmet on?? Off topic I know but I had to ask!!
  11. Way off topic.......but you have to go to www.stuffonmycat.com for some hilarious pictures....no harm was done to any of the felines posted! On topic.....not shopping at Revolve.
  12. Glad you like it! But, the answer is that I didn't get the cat to stay still. It's not my cat, just a cute photo I pulled somewhere off the web. I do have a great ginger tabby, but he would never put up with having something like that on his handsome, dignified head.
  13. The kelsey sure does look like a nice bag...