Kooba Katy

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  1. Hi, is there anyone here own a Kooba Katy or see one in person?
    I am interested in this bag. But I am wondering whether it is a fairly heavy bag? Also, is there a lot of compartments within the bag?
    My impression of Kooba is that their bags have been on the heavier side.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. It's not heavy at all to me but I don't know what you are used to. It's a mid weight Kooba I would say. No compartments inside at al. Just the multi functions pockets and a zippered pocket. The sides have 2 small pockets and there is one larger slip pocket inder the flap that is nice.
  3. Is it lighter than the Sienna? I was surprised at how heavy that one was. I would love to see some IRL pics of the Katy if anyone has some.
  4. I would say it was lighter. Maybe not by a whole bunch. They are shaped so differently they feel different to carry so it's hard to compare.

    I know some Koobas are known for beig heavy weights but I have never blamed on a bag for it's weight. I know it's because I load my bags with everything imaginable. Actually right now I have 5 penny rolls in my bag so It's not the bag to blame.
  5. I have the Jackie (in the same family as the Katy) and I really like it! I have it in eggplant which is a really nice color!
  6. Does anyone have any thoughts on how durable the Katy is? I can't really tell from the pictures how delicate the leather looks. I am thinking of getting this as a gift for my sister, and I know she is not the type to baby a handbag. Koobas seem to vary in this, from what I have seen. My floral embossed Sienna seems tough enough to withstand almost anything, but other styles seem more fragile.
  7. I would say it's very durable. It has a finish to the leather and with the color being as such it doesn't look like it will scratch easily. And if it did, it wouldn't show. It's a substantial bag. Not fragile at all.
  8. Cool! That just might work. Do you think it's a bag you could carry on a rainy day? Not meaning you would get it wet deliberately, but there are some bags I don't take out in the rain. Like suede. After a few coats of Wilson's would you take the Katy out in bad weather?
  9. Yes, definitely the Katy could be a rainy day bag, with or without Wilson's. The leather is finished.
  10. Great - thanks for the help!