Kooba Katy

  1. Hi all!

    This is my first post in this forum and I've admired Koobas for a while now...but I've been trying to find one that perfectly fits for me. I saw this style browsing Nordstrom.com and my heart started racing! I think this might be the one!!!! Especially in eggplant. Has anyone seen this bag IRL yet? I know it's a fall bag, but I was hoping that someone has had a sneak peek!

  2. I think the dimensions are fabulous (15 x 7 x 6). The color is spectacular! I think the Jessie would look amazing in that color, too. Kooba prices have gone up a bit, but I think everyone's Fall line may have taken a jump. I would go for it and treat all of us too yummy pictures after you buy it!!
  3. Sounds like the perfect size bag. I really like the eggplant color out of all of them. This might be a great bag!
  4. That's about my favorite so far. I love the size and the color, but will happily wait till prices come down, lol!
  5. The more I look at it actually the more it grows on me. Especially in the Eggplant color. And you are right, the size is great.
  6. i actually think i really like the katy too! :smile: i keep looking at and wanting it more and more :smile:
  7. i saw it on the Nordstrom's website also and thought it was beautiful! can't go wrong with a kooba, though...can you!?
    bessie, good to see you girl!!! it's been ages!!!!
  8. :wlae:HI!!! :smile: i know i havent been on anywhere in a while my computer has been giving me MAJOR problems and ive been so busy i didnt have time to get on the phone will Dell until today and FINALLY :smile: all is working! :smile: i missed you guys!
  9. Hey, slush!!!!!!!!! Welcome back!!! The Kooba threads haven't been very active within the last few days or so......I"m thinking that everyone is just waiting by the sidelines to assess the new Fall line...........As for me....still lovin' my Jessie and still hoping for a Jillian by the end of the year at a crazy fabulous price! Oh, yeah....I think this Katy is really cute!
  10. YAY Bessie! Welcome back!
  11. Oooh, I really like it as well! That color in particular looks so yummy!
  12. Hi all! I'm in a beach resort in Thailand at the moment and I'm missing the Purseforum!! Daughter brought her laptop, but internet is AU$25 per day:nuts:, so won't be using that too much...anyway going back on Wednesday, will have major sessions on the computer when I get back (it's like something is seriously missing not being able to get on the net, a bit of a worry, LOL) Great to see the fall bags trickling in:smile:
  13. It's a beautiful bag! Post modelling pics if you get it!
  14. Maggie - that's hilarious, you dropping in from Thailand. Hope you're having a fab time.

    Bessie - we've missed you. Hang in here for a while please!

    Oh yeah, back to the Kooba Katy... I still think it's okay, maybe I'll love it when I see it in real life.
  15. Hiya Mini, I'm stealing some of my girl's net time, she's in the shower, LOL

    I'm wondering about the Katy, maybe it's a bag you have to see in real life..

    I'm seriously missing a small "summer bag" here, out for dinner every night, DH ends up carrying lip gloss and stuff in his pockets, LOL Think the linen Josie would have been great if the strap was longer or a small, slouchy Bulga in Ivory..(you're all hitting autumn soon, while I'm coming into spring in a few months...)

    Need to get myself back home so I can check out the bags..(this place is beautiful, though, total paradise)