Kooba Katy in Cuiou and Kooba Natasha in Silver

  1. I like the Katy, not sure if I like the Silver Natasha.

    I might pre-order the Katy. What do you guys think?
    Natasha Silver.jpg Katy.jpg
  2. I say :tup::tup::tup: because there are now 3 Fall bags I can mark off my list! I don't care for the Harper or Katy and all that droopy saggy leather, and I'm not into those disco ball metallics. Three down......lots to go.

    I don't think the Katy or Haper are horrid looking...just not for me. Where are you preordering from?
  3. I have yet to check if they ship international, but i think its from Nordstrom
  4. i kinda like the katy but in a dif color for sure
  5. I think the Katy is kinda cute too. I wish the leather was smoother though, and a different color.

    I don't think I could pull off the silver Natasha... however it would go really well with my astronaut suit.
  6. At 825.00 The Natasha would cost more than your astronaut suit! LOL This better not be a bad premonition of the new Fall pricings.
  7. $825?!?!?! You didn't miss a decimal point somewhere did you? :shocked:

  8. ...and I could get this one to go with my C-3PO suit. ;)
    Gold Shopper.jpg
  9. Oh yea, I'm so sorry. The bag is only 82.50. :excl:
    Whoa is right....
  10. The Katy comes in 2 other colours i think. A dark brown and another colour i cant think of right now.
  11. ....eggplant. A purple type shade :yes:
  12. Thats it.. thanks Halzer
  13. I kinda like the Katy too, but I'm not paying retail. Same goes for the Harper. I kinda like that one too.
  14. Where is the demand going to come from for those 'astranaut' bags? I just don't get it. Maybe I'm just too old fashioned.:confused1:

    The Katy looks interesting, but doesn't look as though it will be that easy to get into. I'll probably pass.
  15. You're right. I would think it would be a very limited audience. Heck...knowing me I'll probably have one before long! LOLOL