Kooba Josie

  1. I need a new clutch...thinking about purchasing the Kooba Josie in rose. Does anyone have it? What are your thoughts about it? Also about the color - I was thinking that rose would probably stand out more than something more neutral, but would still match most things? Thanks!

    Any other ideas for a good clutch for about the same price?
  2. I was in Saks the other day, and they were featuring clutches. They had about 15 or so on a display table, and a lot of them were Koobas. I can tell you that the Rose color is spectacular.....very soft. I don't think I could consider anything but a Kooba because of the quality. I like that Josie.
  3. sounds nice, does anyone have a pic?
  4. Here's a pic of the Josie...beautiful color on a cute bag. Not sure how I would handle the little flap on the front, though. I have the Mackenzie in black and I'm quite happy with it....although I wish that it were just a tad larger.
  5. That Josie is darling but I don't use clutches. The Rose color is gorgeous on it.
  6. Clutches are not big enough for me nor can I justify spending $200-300 for one. I would rather buy an everyday bag and keep using the cheapo clutch when I need it once a year.

    But I DO like the rose color.
  7. According to the SA at Saks, we should be seeing a lot more of them, as they can hardly keep them in the store. I'm so afraid of losing one. Don't know why, but I am.
  8. I really like this!:love: I think these smaller bags are great when you're just going out for a quick meal and don't need to take everything (sometimes hard to find a safe place to put your bag in a crowded restaurant) I'm seriously going to consider this. I have a Gucci clutch with this kind of flap and it works well.

    Icosper, you bad girl, now you've got me going...:rolleyes:

    And then, what colour???
    Black is beautiful, practical (and boring!) and I love both the rose and ivory...

    Compass Rose, was the leather really soft?
  9. Maggie....have you ever felt the Jillian IRL? It's like that......not stiff, but not squishy.......just supple and perfect.
  10. Gorgeous bag!:wtf:
  11. Compass Rose, no, never felt the Jillian IRL, no one sells Kooba where I live..:sad:, but I'm going to Singapore tomorrow and I think they've got a few in Takishamia (big department store), so hopefully I can have a proper look at a few..and if they don't have the Koobas, they'll have every other designer under the sun, I'll be in handbag heaven (might not come home..;)))
  12. Hey Compass, you just hit your 1000th post!:party:
  13. I LOVE the rose color...:love: sooo pretty.
  14. I love the clutch and the color. Win-win.
  15. I loooooove the kooba clutch in rose. If you get it on revolveclothing.com and use their first time buyer's 30% off coupon, it might be easier to swallow the cost....:yes:

    courtesy of wordbox:

    If you're a first time buyer, here's the link to get the coupon e-mailed to you: