Kooba Jillian - Whose Pic is This?

  1. A la Roseanna Roseannadanna.....

  2. Well, wouldn't that be something if she was selling her bag but it looks like someone else's? My, aren't you observant? No, can't help you with the pic. Beautiful bag...whoever it belongs to but it sure makes you hesitate to buy a bag from someone who does not use the actual pics.
  3. Exactly. I could have sworn it was a member's pic from when their bag arrived and was incensed at the though of picture theft - but then changed my mind as it occurred to me that it may actually be a member's auction and some folks do like to keep their tpf and eBay separate ...and decided that minding my own business was in order since I could be completely wrong. ~bleah~

    Unfortunately, either I don't know how to delete posts...or if you can even delete posts.
  4. I saw this auction and knew I saw that pic posted in this forum as a bag bought by someone. Is the seller of this bag not the owner of the bag in the picture?