Kooba Jessie

  1. I really like this if only I could find it. If you know where i can snatch it up in black pls inform me. Thanks.
  2. Are you looking to buy from a store or eBay? Nothing on eBay right now, but they do come up quite regularly.
  3. Store would be great. Dont really trust ebay.
  4. You're in luck! This was just listed with a BIN of $325.00. The seller appears to have wonderful feedback and the purse looks real to me. The zipper pull is right, leather looks great, she took some detailed pics. I have a Mackenzie which is a clutch (that I seldom use!) that looks just like this, minus the straps. Gals, what do you say about this black Jessie?

  5. Thanks. I found one at NMLC today with 20%. They had Hogans and Kooba.
  6. Wonderful! I'm glad that you were able to find your much desired Jessie.