Kooba Jessie Picture Thread

  1. It seems like so many of us now have - or will soon have- a Jessie. I for one would like to see all the different colors and leather varieties. Here's my Jessie in Pebbled Raisin:




  2. And mine in raisin. The bourbon is coming sometime this week.
  3. I can make a wonderful contribution to this thread in a few days......when my ebano Jessie arrives!!! Yay! Thanks, Lexie, for starting this!
  4. Black
  5. Here's my Java Jessie with her new Leopard hangtag. I love the color of this bag. I'm very happy with her.

    Java Jessie.JPG
  6. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: Whaaaaa! Whaaaaaa! Whaaaaaa! Boo Hoo, cry, cry, cry, sniff, sniffle :crybaby:My Jessie isn't here yet! Any moment now........:crybaby:

    P.S. Just a weeee bit of jealousy setting in because of Lexie's new one..........
  7. I love seeing all the photos. What a great bag! :tup:
  8. Nice to see IRL pics of these. Since Lexie raved about it a while ago, I've been stalking this bag.
  9. Compass Rose, some things are worth waiting for and believe me, a Jessie is one of them. Hang in there girl, you'll be in seventh heaven very soon and we can't wait to see the pics. That reminds me, I must get pics of my Jessie in java to post, but rather than send you into further despair, I'll wait for you to post your pics first :tup:
  10. Wow, Minimouse......would you do that for little ol' me????? :heart: I really thought I would get it in the mail on Saturday, but no luck. It should be here on Monday, though..... Yes! I'm anxious to see your java!
  11. *jumps up and down, can't wait to see Compass's new Jessie*
  12. I'm feeling impatient for you Compass Rose - can't wait to see your Jessie. It's a great bag, so practical.
  13. I am looking to get a Jessie purse Just wondering what are the colors available for the Jessie? I went to Kooba's website and just saw a few. But NW and eBay has some other colors. And which color would you recommend (or most popular)?
  14. Jessie's were available in Pebbled Black, Raisin, and Bourbon. Then this past Fall they came out in Smooth Khaki and Java. And in the summer they came out with a smooth white.

    Raisin is pretty rare now to find on eBay. As far as popular? I don't know. It's what you like that is more important. I would say the pebbled ones are a little more rugged and can get beat up a little more without showing but the smooth ones are a little more dressed up maybe. It's up to you and your lifestyle.
  15. The pebbled Jessies are a casual version, great for everyday and jeans.

    The smooth leathered ones are dressier, work bags, imo.